Week 2ish-3

Gosh it’s been a looooong time since I’ve e-mailed! But rest assured, I officially know that I e-mail on Mondays now! WOP!

The rest of the MTC experience was amazing of course. I love this gospel so much. The 4th of July was so fun too! We had a devotional and then were able to see the Stadium of Fire firework show in one of the parking lots in the MTC! T’was a party. Sister Blomquist had glow sticks so we were set. They also had Magnum bars which were delish. Anyways….let’s just start talking about New York since I’ve been here for almost a week!!

It is BEAUTIFUL. So green So many trees!!! I love it. Tiger lilies are basically weeds here because they grow randomly everywhere! SO awesome. And other random flowers will grow too. I love all the old houses and buildings…so much history here! Oh! I should probably tell you where I am in New York…so right now I’m in a place called Norwood in the Potsdam Zone! It’s way up north by Canada, so sometimes you’ll see a mix of the Canadian and American flag in one flag. Hah. I have two companions right now! Their names are Sister Peterson and Sister Johnson, both from Utah. One of them is going home in a month and the other is about 7 months out! They are pretty fun and laugh all the time haha…they’re great and have taught me much!

I was able to go to a baptism already last Saturday! It was so awesome. Her name was Ann and she was radiant! So awesome. I’ve been able to meet quite a few members here and they are so nice and awesome! We have dinner appointments at least 5 times a weeks so that’s nice too! I can’t wait to love and serve them more while I’m here!

Being on a mission is hard, but so rewarding. Sometimes I’m like, “Dang…what have I gotten myself into…”but then I always think, “Man…I wouldn’t want it any other way!” I have learned and grown so much within just a few weeks…I could not have done any of it without the Lord by my side! One chapter in the Bible that I was studying really changed me especially since I’ve gotten to New York. It’s in 1 Corinthians 13. I have always struggled with the meaning of charity and how I could strive to have the pure love of Christ. I’ve been super hard on myself this week among other things, and I just got frustrated and sad. Anyways, the whole chapter talks about how even if you speak with the tongue of angels or understand all things, even faith to remove mountains, if you don’t have charity, you’re nothing. I’ve realized that I need to not be so hard on myself and whatever situation is happening to me…I need to have Christ’s love fill me and all the rest will fall into place. I always pray to have a portion of God’s love for me and whoever I interact with. He has seriously been my best friend the last couple of days…and He has given me so many tender mercies to help lift me. It’s the best! It’s amazing how much He truly does love all of us. If you want to give that chapter a read, here’s the link: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/nt/1-cor/13.4?lang=eng#3

By the way, I’m a Facebook mission! So I’ll be able to post spiritual stuff on there off and on! So that’ll be fun!

I’m so grateful to be serving the Lord…it’s amazing. I hope you all have a great rest of the week! Much love!

Sister Pange

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