Week 3-4

Hey!!!! It’s meeee!! Life is good.

I guess I’ll first start of that the Walmart here is AWESOME, Random, I know, but there is just something special about it. The ice-cream brand they have here called Stewart’s is amazing too, especially this one called Crumbs Along the Mohawk. Yeah, I was weirded out to by the name, but it is delicious. And the Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Man. I was like, “Shoot, what makes this taste so good!” Then I read the nutritional facts on the jar and realized it had 8 g of sugar than the standard 3 g that most PB’s have. So I eat that brand sparingly now. Sad, but I get enough sugar from all the desserts we get from people here. #woop!

Oh yeah, did I mention how awesome the people here are? Well lemme tell you, they are awesome. My love for them grows all day everyday. It’s the best. People are jsut so easy going, blunt, and always willing to serve. Ok, spiritual time about what I’ve learned from service. It is the best and the Lord wants us to serve and be served! There are so many times in my life where people offered to help me out and stuff and I’d sat, “No, no I’m ok, but thanks anyway, that’s sweet!” But I’ve learned from being around these people how we should always be willing to accept service! If you deny the privilege for someone to serve you, you deny them blessings that God wants to give them for helping you! And people here are willing to accept our service when we offer which is the best! I love serving. We helped one of the church members clean out this storage house and it felt so good! And it’s fun because we, Elders and Sisters, worked together on it! After, we helped pull weeds from another members garden (which I’m starting to find therapeutic, so I’.l hopefully be down to help you weed mom when I get home! haha) and then helped people move stuff from a truck to their house and a few other things. I love it. Serving is the best! And when we serve, it is doing God’s work! As it says in Mosiah 2:17 “And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” So yeah. Serve. It’s great. Oh! We also helped at a Methodist Church thrift shop which was sweet! The ladies there were so nice and offered cookies and water. And I found some sweet sweaters and a dress! So that’s fun.

My companions are hilarious! And they make me feel like I’m a hilarious person! Haha..they have these quote books where they write down funny things people say and apparently, I’m one of the top people they quote. No big deal. Haha, but honestly they are great. And so are the other elders in our area! So thankful for the people in my life right now.

So I’ve been pretty hard on myself, but every time I start to feel angry, frustrated, sad, etc..I just turn outward and enjoy what’s around me and Heavenly Father feels my soul with love. I rejoice for the knowledge that I have of this gospel and how much the Lord is stretching and strengthening me everyday i’m here. I have come to love and I mean LOVE reading the Bible and Book of Mormon. I’ve always loved them, but I finally know what it’s liek to feast them and crave to read them! I learn out of every single chapter I read. The Lord truly loves us and gave us these books so we can turn to His words! As my mom says, “The scriptures are love letters from Heaven!” And it’s so true! (Also, shout out to the best mom ever who’s birthday was yesterday! <3) They have comforted me and have given me so much joy! Also, singing and listening to hymns has been so awesome! Music really does bring the spirit in so strong and makes me so happy!

Sorry I’m not very specific about events that are happening, hopefully I’ll become better at this e-mail thing. But know I love serving the Lord here in Norwood! Everything I am and will be, I owe to Him!

Much love and hope you all have a blessed week!

-Sister Pange

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