Week 4 !!!!

Haha, yeah I’ve totally forgot to talk about Batman in the last two e-mails!! So, randomly this low, loud, gargling sound happens randomly in our kitchen sink. So naturally, we say it’s Batman. Basically any weird noise in our house now we blame on Batman. So it’s a good time.

So one thing that I’ve been trying to work on is not comparing myself to others or judging. It’s not hard core judging that I’m doing, but I just can’t feel the Lord’s spirit when I feel frustrated with someone or myself. Pride seriously is the natural man! Humility is the key to helping us out for sure. I’ve had a lot of humbling experiences being here…I feel like the more you serve others and come to know them, the more you realize how much we don’t know anything and that we need to completely rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ because They know all things and can see the big picture! We must remember that their ways is higher than our ways. Also, when you serve and come to know others, you just feel the love Heavenly Father has for each person in this world, including ourselves. I keep praying everyday for at least a portion of His love…it is the only way we can truly be happy and love all people we come in contact with!

Oh, by the way, prayer WORKS. Man oh man. Sometimes Heavenly Father answers them the same day or sometimes later… but He always answers them if we have a sincere desire with good intent! Miracles can happen when we have a specific question or desire. The Lord wants us to communicate with Him…He is willing to help us out in any way, but we’ve got to have faith and trust He knows what’s best for us. By giving our will to Him, He’ll guide and shape us to become more like Him (aka a heavenly being!) instead of what the world thinks we should be. I have felt so much peace relying on Him and feel so content with any situation I’m in….I’m not perfect at it, but I’ve definitely improved with His help!

I am so pumped to be on a mission!! Seriously…we had some great meetings with our zone leaders, branch president, and mission president! My companions and I set some goals to help each other out and really serve God with all our heart, might, mind, and strength! So pumped!!!

One of the people we are teaching right now is this 11-year old girl name Brandi. She is so great. Super high energy, but she has such a sweet spirit! The last two times she in church, she has sat with us in Sacrament Meeting and she was so funny this last Sunday. She wanted to take notes for me in my journal of what the speakers were saying and she ended drawing my future house. So sweet. She titled it “The Residence of Sister Pange”. She also wrote down some spiritual notes such as “we always have the spirit with us” and Isaiah 26:3-4. So cute. I showed her how in the hymn book after each song, there are scriptures that inspired that hymn. So we searched them and she marked them in her Book of Mormon…it was so cool. She’s been praying to not take the Lord’s name in vain and she says she hasn’t for a week! #prayerworks

I love the people here! I’m probably going to say that in every e-mail, but I can’t help it! We had a church activity where we went to Robert Moses state park! It’s surrounded by trees and then overlooks a lake where you can see Canada!! It was pretty sweet. Anyways, we were celebrating Pioneer week, had some good food, and of course the company was great!

I love serving the Lord and being here to specifically serve the people in the North country! It’s the best! Loves to all!!

Love, Sister Pange
Just a normal road up in the north country!
​Just a normal sunset in the north country!
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