Week 6!!!!!

Hey! So we had some pretty sweet storms this last week and every time, there is the most gorgeous, vivid rainbow! And they are full on ones too! Some double rainbows!!! So awesome. And it shows God’s promise of never flooding the earth again!! WOO!

Haha so yeah, we traveled a lot this week! We went to Liverpool for a conference where half of the missionaries in the NY-Utica mission were there! It was awesome. Our mission president, President Rogers, gave some great advice on how to become better disciples of Christ and doing His work. He told us to always “put yourself in a position to be blessed”. Even though we are out here on missions and have the tag on, we still need to do our part in helping others come closer to Christ and that means we need to be continually coming closer to Him too! By taking care of our needs physically and spiritually, being exactly obedient, and desiring to know the Lord’s will, miracles will happen. I’m not perfect at it, but I know that by turning to Him, I have seen so many blessings. We also went down to Utica for Return and Report which was sooo awesome! It’s a meeting just for us missionaries who have been out for a month! So I got to see all the Elders and Sisters who were in my district in the MTC! And the best part ever was seeing Sister Blomquist (aka my companion at the MTC #shesthebest) So that was fun! The best part of the conference is hard to choose, but I loved the testimony meeting before we all departed. I feel the spirit so strong in those meetings when I hear others talk of their love for the Lord and this gospel. It brought so much peace and comfort to me.

So, I haven’t really talked about specific details that are happening with people we are teaching and visiting…I must admit, I always get stressed when I e-mail because of time crunch and just still adjusting to the mission life, but I’m going to become better!

So, one woman we began teaching is Anita…she is the sweetest. The Elders in our district told us about her and said that she is prepared for the gospel! They didn’t have a specific address though, only a general location, so we tried a few houses and we just couldn’t find hers! We prayed to have inspiration where to find her and after the prayer, one of my companions said that a trailer came into her midn and that we should try it. So we did and lo and behold, it was Anita! #prayerworks She let us right in and we began talking about the gospel! She had a few concerns about the Book fo Mormon and other church teachings and we were able to answer her questions and concerns through scriptures and what not. She said,”Why didn’t I know this before! I feel so much better!” It was awesome and I know we couldn’t have helped her out without studying the scriptures and having the spirit lead us. We’ve visited her a couple more times since and she is receiving it all and feels that it makes sense. She still wants to keep praying and investigating to see if it’s the true church…she says she loves having us come over and always feels so good when we do. She is such a sweet lady and so positive…she’s had so many trials in life and currently, btu she has such great faith in God and carries an optimistic attitude. We love her.

I think I mentioned Brandi (she’s 11 years old) before…she so great. She loves coming to church and learning about the gospel. She wants to be baptized, but can’t right now because of her nana. I know she will eventaully…she had been blessed in so many ways for her willingness to come closer to Christ. And she always says how she can’t wait to be a missionary! Haha, she’s awesome and we have so much fun with her.

Sister Atchie is a woman in the branch and we’ve been kind of teaching her boyfriend Al. They’re so cool. We’ve helped them weed their garden a few days ago which was fun! We went over there last night and they made us dinner which we weren’t expecting!! It was great! Al’s brother came over and he started asking us questions of why we are here and what not…it lead to how the church gets funded and Al started talking about tithing! It was soo cool! He straight up talked about the benefits of tithing and how great the church is and he isn’t even a member! But yeah, they are awesome people and it’s amazing how many trials they are going through rigth now with health and family problems, but they still look to God and see the benefits of reading scriptures and going to church.

No matter what trials we are going through, we can overcome them with the help of our loving Heavenly Father and Christ’s atonement. The peace and comfort that comes from knowing this leads to the path of happiness! We don’t know what will happen to us or how long we endure certain things, but by trusting in the Lord, we can still be grateful in any circumstance. It is so dang hard…but I know that by trying to work on being patient and submitting our will to the Lord, we can get through anything with a good attitude! (read Mosiah 24:13-15, it’s the best! Here’s the link: https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/mosiah/24.15?lang=eng#14)

There are so many more people, but noooo timeeee!!! UGH! But it’s all good, those were just a few and they are so awesome. The people here are so great and my love has expanded in so many ways! Heavenly Father truly loves each and every one of us. Have a beautiful week!!

Love Sister Pange

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