Week 7

Hey!! Man…the weeks seriously go by so fast. I swear I was just e-mailing yesterday. Crazy.
This week was good! We’ve actually had some pretty cool nights here…and the leaves on many trees are starting to change which is crazy because it’s still mid-August! The last two days though have been hot and humid though…so that’s not cool (literally). Haha, anyway…

The companions and I washed dishes in a bathtub!!! So legit. Some of the members in the branch have been working remodeling their kitchen the past week and haven’t been able to do their dishes, so we volunteered! They showed us the pile and told us to wash from their bathtub! Best thing ever.

We volunteered to do food concession at a horse farm fair! It was a benefit to help raise money for this child who has cancer…it was really neat. I got handed the job to work the cotton candy machine. It was all fine and dandy at first, but then it started being weird. We’re pretty sure the hotness and humidity made the machine go wacky…it literally took 10 minutes just to make one cotton candy thing. And people wanted their cotton candy, lemme tell ya. I just read a talk about patience that morning form the newest August Ensign though (go read it!!!), so I was prepared and just kept a smile and went with the flow. Eventually, I got that cotton candy machine working again and I was whipping out that fluffy stuff and bagging it like you wouldn’t believe! The people who were running the benefit said, “You can work at any fair now!” So watch out, I may be taking up making cotton candy making when I come back. Haha, but it was awesome serving and meeting people there!

Transfers is this week! Sister Johnson and I are staying here in Norwood (WOOP!) and Sister Peterson is going to Utica on Wednesday and then home! She is so fun and has such a sweet spirit. She’s so awesome and we’re going to miss her so much. Tonight. we prepared to have a multi-family home evening and do the iron rod experience in 1 Nephi 8! it’s going to be so fun. Two of our investigators are going and a lot of members will be there. I’ll hopefully have some pictures to send of it next week! 🙂 Oh! Also, we sang a special musical number at church yesterday with the elders in sacrament meeting! A lot of members came up and said that it was really good…some said,”That was surprisingly good…” We couldn’t decide if we should take that as a compliment or insult, but I’m taking it as a good thing haha 🙂

I’m on crunch time and will have to get off soon…probably because I talked about cotton candy too much haha…I love serving the people here. I love them. I’m so thankful for the Lord and every opportunity He has given for me to serve! He loves us all so much! Have a great week!! ❤

Love, Sister Pange

​The West Potsdam District the past month! Love em
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