WEEK 9 !!!!

Yeah…lame title this week…haha but it’s all good! I can’t believe it’s the last day of August. Dang. Summer is coming to a close! But the last couple of weeks here feels like fall season already on random days! Some random leaves of the trees have changed already and are falling! But that’s only like 5% of the trees…probably less. There’s so many trees here. When Sister Johnson and I went to visit some members in our ward, the Watkins (aka super awesome couple!), they were describing how breathtakingly beautiful it is here. That the colors of the trees are so vivid and makes you speechless. So, I am super excited for that!!! Oh! By the way, the Watkins used to live in Yucipa and Brother Watkins used to go to the Palm Springs all the time! So that’s a fun connection! He made some awesome tacos…Californian style. So good.

We were able to do some service in Canton at the St.Lawrence Historical Society! All the people in our district went to help paint the fence there which was super fun. I guess I got too detail orientated though and was chastened to remember that it’s just a fence…haha but it was super fun!

Afterwards, we saw Anita and she is so awesome. She recognizes how much prayer works and how beneficial reading scriptures is. We got to see Brandi a couple times this week…we love her so much. In sacrament meeting, she wanted me to write notes for her about what the talks were about and always acts like she knows what she is singing even though it’s a song she never heard before. She can’t wait to go to Young Women’s. I remember feeling that way too at 11 years old…

Ok, even though this happened a couple of weeks ago, I’m just going to tell it anyway! So, the young women here in the branch went to girl’s camp and bore their testimonies about how great it was and how much they felt the spirit. It totally reminded me of how much I loved girl’s camp and how much I grew spiritually by going to it…I love how we are provided opportunities to go to group church activities that may only last a short period of time, but really influence you and shape you in all aspects. I have come to really appreciate the church ward that I grew up in Palm Springs for making those experiences so wonderful. It’s amazing how right now in my life, I reflect often on those times where my testimony grew and I came more and more to a knowledge of how much Heavenly Father loves me and how true this gospel is through each of those experiences. I am so thankful for having such wonderful people raise me and influence me in the right direction in my youth which has prepared me in school, my mission, and I’m sure many more things to come!

Sister Johnson and I have been praying to find people who are prepared for the gospel. We decided to walk to this one women’s house in Norwood and we always pass by this little hometown dinner with an outside ice-cream booth attached to it. Usually there’s people there sitting down and what not. As we were approaching it, there was this man in a blue shirt sitting outward at a table basically facing us. I had a feeling that we were going to talk to him we said hi to him and he said hi back and asked cheerfully, “What are you guys doing?” We had a good 5 minute conversation about being on missions and what not. He asked some questions and we helped clear up some things that he heard about the church and stuff. He was so friendly and nice! He even offered us a bite of his ice-cream cone! Jokingly of course haha, but seriously such an awesome guy! We shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon with him and asked if he would like the elders to come by and visit him sometime! He agreed, so we got his info and sent it to the Potsdam elders. We were so happy after visiting him! The elders went to visit him the next day and met his wife. They said they shared the Restoration and that he had some great questions and is interested in learning more about the church. SO COOL! So we are excited to see them at church hopefully soon! Sister Johnson and I are serious mind-blown from this experience. It’s amazing how prayer works and just being able to talk to someone about the gospel is the greatest feeling.

We had an awesome lesson with reading and talking about the Book of Mormon with the older man we met last week. We read 1 Nephi 1. I felt the spirit so strong and the man I think felt it too after reading the last verse in the chapter. He said,”That’s heavy stuff.” He recognized how it really does testify of Christ and we told him that if he truly read and prayed about if it is true, he would receive his answer.

I’m currently reading in Alma right now and I love this verse I came across a couple of days ago:

“I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.” Alma 29:9

All that I’m doing here is only made possible through the Lord and even though I have so many weaknesses, the Lord has somehow granted strength for me to push through. He continually humbles me, showing me that the only way I can get truly love and serve others is by relying on Him. I fasted last Thursday to have an increase of charity and love for those around me and it’s amazing how much fasting works. I felt such a renewal and had a clear view the next day of how much Heavenly Father loves me individually and every one of His children. I still have to continually pray for that clear view every day, especially in the moments where I feel anxious or not sure what the heck I’m doing…and every time I pray, I get such comfort, peace, and reassurance that everything will work out the way it’s suppose too because I am continually relying on Him.

I love the people here, the nature, and the beauty I experience everyday in living the gospel. Hope you all have a great week!! ❤

Love, Sister Pange

I didn’t take like any pictures this week, but here’s one of Sister Johnson and I with our sack lunches that a woman in our branch makes for us! PB&J’s are the best!

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