Week 10

Had a pretty peachy week! One of the ward members always says that word…every time you ask how he’s doing he says, “I’m peachy!” Haha, so great. But yeah, good week!

Last Thursday, we had a day of miracles. First off, we had district meeting which is always great. We are planning on going to this pancake place next week where they make these ginormous pancakes…like they are huge. So stay in tune next week for that! We got to see Brandi, which is always dandy (haha, that rhymed), and on the way home after her appointment, there was this man sitting in a yard and we waved and he asked us what we were all about! So we started talking to him for a little bit and asked if we could come by and teach him more and he said YES! So sweet!! But then we found out two days later that he’s in the Massena elder’s area…so basically, we are the queens of referrals where we find awesome, prepared people in our area, but they live in the elder’s boundaries…it’s happened three times to us this past month…haha, but it’s all good! Anyways, Sister Johnson and I needed to have a member come with us to see our investigator, Tony, because he wanted to not sit outside like the last time, but everyone was either too busy or didn’t answer their phone…so we were a little stressed! We said a prayer and then literally 5 minutes later, we got a text from one of the members and her husband saying they could come with us! So that was awesome. We saw Tony and taught the Restoration and invited him to read the Book of Mormon! We’re seeing him tomorrow, so we’ll follow up with him on that…and then the other miracle that we have is two set meal appointments for Sister Johnson’s birthday on the 26th!!! Haha, so that should be fun. 🙂 It really is the best when members feed us.

Sad news though, one of the awesome families in our branch moved this last week!!! The Loosemore family was always so supportive of us and we are going to miss them. I’ll attach the awesome selfie we took. ❤

Ok, so the whole week leading up to last Saturday, I would exclaim, “ALPACAS” and Sister Johnson can testify to this. We were invited by one of the members to come to their alpaca farm and clip their alpacas toenails.

But first, before we went out there, we heard that Joseph Smith’s grandfather’s grave, Ashael Smith, was on the way in one of the cemeteries, so we had to find it. One of the members gave the directions and lo and behold, we found it!! So I’ll attach the picture of it…it has his original grave their and a new one with this awesome quote on it. By the way, there are so many graveyards here in New York! And they are super old…some of the graves you can’t even read what it says. So cool.

Anyways, alpacas. So, we arrived at their home and they put us and 4 elders to work on stacking this massive amount of wood in their shed. So I was super confused…I was thinking, “Did they lure us out here saying we’d clip alpaca toenails, but we’re actually just stacking wood for hours?!” But, it’s all good, he did have us come to clip alpaca toenails! Or at least Sister Johnson and I watched the process of it haha. Basically, you have to chase the alpaca and then try to get it to lay down on the ground, and then two elders would hold it down while Brother Burnett clipped it’s toenails. It was hilarious to watch. One of the elders totally got alpaca spit all over him. It was great. Haha, but yeah that was something to see. So super random, awesome service happened there! And we got to pet the alpacas and then have dinner with the Burnetts!

I love reading the Book of Mormon. I’m going to finish it all the way through by the end of this month…I think I started reading it sometime in July…I’ve been reading abotu Moroni and man he is so cool!!! I love the verse that’s in Alma 48:17 that says, “Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.”

Isn’t that awesome!! To be so faithful and valiant to the Lord that there was no way that the devil could ever have power him?! So awesome. Moroni really is the perfect example of diligence in doing what is right and what the Lord commands…and preparation is the key when when we know that the enemy will attack! Everyday, we need yo have a prayer in our heart continually and have the shield of obedience protect us..having faith that the Lord will be there and trusting in all of his commandments so we won’t be lead astray. By this, the enemies and adversaries of the world will not and cannot overtake us. There is so much confusion and craziness in this world that we need to rely on the source of all knowledge and truth which is our Heavenly Father..He loves us so much and wants us to be happy not only in this life, but for the eternities. All he asks is for us to keep His commandments and to“Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” (D&C 6:33–34, 36.)

I love this gospel and the Book of Mormon!! Everyday that I read it, I always learn how to be become a better servant to the Lord and the happiness that He offers to each of us here on earth if only we turn to Him! I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Much love!!

Love, Sister Pange

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