WEEK 11 !!!

Hi!! So….it is really starting to feel like fall. The last couple of days has been overcast, rainy, and on the chilly side. But no worries, I have my north country slippers! A woman in our branch, Sister Stevens, makes these awesome slippers for all the missionaries in the northern part of the mission and they are so warm! And they have these little bells that jingle…so great. And I have my amazing soft robe (thanks mom for sending that!) and we have an endless supply of hot cocoa packets. I’m excited to see all the leaves change on the trees!! It’s bound to happen soon.

Pretty awesome week! We had a Zone Conference where President and Sister Rogers and the AP’s (Assistants to the president) came and gave an AMAZING presentation talking about the Doctrine of Christ. SO good. And it’s always fun to see the other missionaries in our zone! We have some pretty dang amazing people here. We were able to see President and Sister Rogers again this last Sunday and meet his new counselors! They all spoke at the district conference in our branch, it was great. Afterwards, Sister Johnson and I talked to Sister Rogers for an hour! She shows us a picture of one of her grand kids singing…it was so adorable and then a picture of her newest grand baby boy! He is so beautiful. She misses being away from family and not being able to interact and see them, especially during this time, but she knows she is meant to be here. Sister Roger’s is amazing. I love her so much.

So to back track, we saw our investigator Anita!! She is so amazing. Before starting our lesson, we were asking how her week as going and stuff..she was saying how it was going good, but she forgot to get coffee, so she’ll have to go and get some later in the week! Well, Sister Johnson and I planned to talk about the Word of Wisdom that day! Haha, but it went so well. We shared about how the Lord wants us to take care of our bodies and how we should treat them like temples where the spirit can reside and help us make good decisions. She agreed with all the other things like tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs and stuff, but she questioned the tea and coffee. But she recognized that there are some hefty withdrawals that come form it and where people heavily rely on it as well…however, she ultimately didn’t decide to give them up just for that, but that it was the right thing to give it up because the Lord commanded it. She’s had some amazing experiences where she’s fasted and prayed with such an amazing faith and has seen so many blessings and questions answered! She committed to live it because she knew the Lord would keep His promise in blessing he and that He wouldn’t give any commandment if it wasn’t for our well-being and benefit, even though she may not know all the answers. I love her so much and she is such an amazing example to me. It is just like when Adam was asked by an angel of why He made sacrifices and He said, “I know not, save that the Lord commanded me”. Adam acted in faith in the Lord’s commandments and by doing that, the Lord revealed further truths of why He gives us certain commandments.. Sometimes, the Lord’s commandments seem weird or don’t make sense in the world’s eyes, but as we act in faith in the commandments He gives us, whether we completely understand them or not, He will bless us with further truth and knowledge which ultimately leads us to happier and healthier lives!

Saturday night, I felt impressed that we needed to see this one woman who isn’t quite open to hearing about the gospel, but always welcomes us in. So not really knowing what we were going to talk about with her, we went to see her and she started rambling off about how a lot had changed since we last come by. She said how she and her husband are going to start taking care of her nephew’s little boy because of a lot of a lot of physically and mental abuse he’s been through with his parents and what not. She also opened up about concerns with her family and also why she has been shutting God out of her life….I don’t have time to go into details at all, but it was an amazing experience and we testified of how much Heavenly Father loves her and is proud of her willingness to take in a little boy who needs nurturing and love in his life…and the spirit was so strong. I asked if we could share The Family Proclamation the next time we see her and how it is a road map of what makes a happy family and that will strengthen the bonds of her marriage and having this new little boy come into their lives. She said that she would like that and thanked us so much for coming. She said that she’s felt a little lonely the past couple of days and that she actually thought of us earlier that day and was wondering when we’d come by again… which is strange because We have only seen her like twice in the past two months. It just shows how much the Lord loves her…that He was aware of her stresses and situation at that moment and that we were there in the area to be prompted by the spirit to go and see her. This is truly the Lord’s work and I’m, so thankful and in awe that He’s called me and trusts me to be a part of it…that He helped guide me and Sister Johnson to her and all these other people to lift their spirits and feel His love. I can’t wait to see her again!

Those were the main things that have stood out this week…oh! Funny thing, so Sister Richardson, one of the ward members, came up and asked what Sister Johnson and I wanted for dinner this week and she was staring at me and said, “I think we have the same glasses” and lo and behold, we did! I said,”Did you get yours at Walmart?” and she said, “Yup!” Haha, it was funny. So if you ever need cool glasses, Walmart is the place for it!

Today, our district went to the Village Diner and two of the Elders did the pancake challenge..or I should say attempted. Basically, you have to eat this ginormous pancake within 45 minutes to win and shirt that says,”I ate it all!”, a mug, and a free check. Unfortunately, they didn’t finish the challenge, had to pay $10, and are probably going to be miserable the next day for eating so much pancake haha. But it was fun to watch! One of them got SO CLOSE. I was so mad he didn’t eat the rest of it…I was trying to get him pumped to just finish, but the pancake psychologically defeated him. Sigh…oh well. Later today, Sister Johnson and I are going to make bread with Sister Curtis so that will be awesome!!! 🙂

I love being here on a mission….I can’t believe my second transfer is going to be done in a couple of weeks…it goes by way fast. Insane. But I love all that I;m experiencing out here…the Lord has humbled me in so many ways and I am truly grateful for the amazing privilege to be serving out here…and to meet these amazing people with all sorts of walks in life…I pray and hope I’m doing all that He asks and that I can continually be worthy to be guided in all that I do. He loves us so much….and we can see His loving hand as we open our hearts to Him and realize how He has provided a way for us to overcome all trials and walks in this life through His son, Jesus Christ. He lives and I know that by turning to Him continually, we will find peace and comfort and reassurance.

I love you all!!! I hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Pange

Here’s a random river in Norfolk, NY! What a beaut.
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