12th Week !!!!!

Last Monday, we had our District Activity at the Senior couple’s house in Ogdensburg! It was awesome. They live right on the water where you see the bridge of Canada and Canada it self! We had lunch, watched the elders play soccer (which was hilarious), and took photos which I will attach! Later that night we had dinner with the Cooper family….they are so awesome.

We went to the Methodist church and the old folks let us right in and told us to help ourselves to their food! So great to get free food..even better to talk to these awesome people! One of the old men, Marsh, was super funny and has a resonating voice that sounds like John Wayne…and the stomach of a cow! He was finishing off the food of other people’s plates and he’s in his 70s-80s! It was great. And the other old people there were so kind and welcomed us to come back every week! Their group is called the Golden Agers. So, we’ll be seeing them tomorrow! 🙂

On the way to tabling at SUNY, this one young man was leaning against this rock and as we passed he asked,”What’s up with the name tags?” Which is such a great question…so we introduced ourselves and got to know him a bit…we asked if we could share our message with him sometime and he said yeah! So, hopefully we’ll see him soon! While we were tabling, this college girl and her parents passed by and the dad said, “You guys look so happy that you’re doing this!” And I said,”It’s because we are!” Being on a mission is the best, even if people aren’t always interested in hearing the message of why we are happy, at least we can try our best to be and radiate happiness! So that was a nice little tender mercy to hear him say that…

Ok, enough cheesiness…We went on an exchange with our Sister Training Leaders last Wednesday! So, Sister Johnson went to Carthage and Sister Duke joined me up here in Norwood for the day. It was pretty sweet! Sister Duke has been out on her mission for quite a bit and is super awesome. Since she knew nothing about the area, I had to basically plan our day by myself! I had a prompting a few weeks ago to try this one house in Norfolk and I decided to try it out while on exchange with her! As we walked up the street to where the house was, three people were out on the patio already…which is awesome but kind of intimidating to approach if ya know what I mean! But we’re missionaries, so you just got to go for it! I felt a tinge of fear come into me of not wanting to approach them, but then Sister Duke said, “Ok, it’s you’re prompting to go talk to them, so you do it!” So that gave me a jolt of courage and I just straight up said hi to them and walked right up to them with her. And they were super awesome! It was an older woman, her son, and one of their friends. It felt super natural to talk to them, they are so cool! After a long while of chatting, I asked it we could share a message with them and they said yes! I read the scripture in Alma about praying with our families and how the Lord will bless us for doing so and how he created families so we can learn to love and serve one another and come to know how much He loves us as His children. I then asked if they’d be interested in hearing more of our message sometime, and the son said he would! He opened up a lot about his family life..I can’t go into details about it all, but he is so solid! I asked his mom and the friend if they’d be interested and they kindly declined, but appreciated the message we shared with them. So, we’ll be in contact with Eric (the son) soon!! He has I think 4 kids and a girlfriend right now…so hopefully we’ll meet them too! So, that was awesome to meet them and I hope we will see them this week. The spirit is so real and I’m so thankful I followed that prompting to go try that house!

Sister Johnson’s birthday was last Saturday! I surprised her with stickers she chose last week at Walmart..haha so you may ask,”Then what was the surprise part of that?” It’s the way I wrapped them of course! Since I don’t have time to get wrapping paper n’stuff, I used two boxes that held herbal tea bags and a cute, empty tissue box! Plus, I made a homemade card. I’d say I did pretty good for her birthday haha 😉 She loved it and is officially not a teenager anymore! They grow up so fast. One of our recent converts, Ann, and her husband Brother Sultzer, had us over for lunch and he made homemade strawberry cheesecake!! It was so delicious. They are awesome. We went to the Pittman’s for dinner and they gave Sister Johnson more stickers!! They are such an awesome people. And we had this AMAZING cake and Crumbs Along the Mohawk ice-cream (my fav). We also went to Kristen’s baptism which was awesome!!! She is so sweet and I am so happy for her…she was so happy! And of course there were treats after…I basically ate as much sugar as Sister Johnson and it wasn’t even my birthday! Haha, I guess that’s what happens when you’re companions…

Speaking of that, we won’t be companions after Wednesday…we got our transfer call and Sister Johnson is going to Auburn! And guess who’s coming up this way: Sister Duke!!! So I already know who my companion is going to be which is awesome, plus she’s awesome! And she already met some peeps in our area, so it’ll be a good transition! I’m gonna miss Sister Johnson though…she is so bummed to leave the people here and the North Country. But the Lord needs her in Auburn…that’s probably the hardest thing about being a missionary is the love you feel for so many people and then only finding out a few days before that you’re going to leave them all. I know it’s going to be hard for me to leave Norwood…hopefully it won’t happen for a couple more transfers! But, change is good and there’s more people out there that we need to meet, serve, and love!

Gosh, I feel like I’ve written such a cheesy e-mail for this week….haha..but it’s been such a good week! Can I just say how stoked I am for General Conference coming up this weekend!! AHH! It’s going to be amazing. The General Women’s Conference was so awesome. I felt the spirit so strong. I love how much they focused on the love Heavenly Father has for each of us and how we need to pray to feel that love and by that, we will be able to see the divinity not only in ourselves, but we’ll be able to see it in others. What a wonderful thing. The Lord truly does love each and every one of us here on earth and I’m so thankful that He’s provided this gospel, His Son, Jesus Christ, to help us in this life so that when we return to Him, we can feel confident and happy to be in their presence again.

I love serving a mission and being here in Norwood, New York. I totally get some down moments out here, but the Lord has strenghthend me through it all as I turn to Him..it’s His work! I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!! Be sure to tune into General Conference! It’s going to be amazing, as always. You can find it on LDS.org and it’s happening this Saturday and Sunday! I’m so excited…. 🙂 Love yous!!! (<north country slang)

Love, Sister Pange
Our district!

​Selfie on selfie!

​My favorite 11 year old, Brandi!!
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