WEEK 16 !!!!!! Snow-tober!

Yup. I just titled this e-mail Snow-ctober.
But for real, our first snow fall was Saturday morning!! It made me happy! I love it. Especially with the mixture of the fall leaves. Super pretty. This one little boy in the branch, after church yesterday, ran outside when it started snowing and yelled “HOLIDAAAAYS!” It was the best…I so wanted to join him! Haha, but I kept my cool and just supported him with his excitement. The unfortunate thing is that our heat source in our house is broken the past couple of days! So we’ve been a wee bit chilly in the house…We were able to get a couple of plug-in heaters and hopefully our furnace will get fixed soon. But good thing it broke now instead of the middle of winter when it gets way below 0 degrees! I’ve heard so many crazy winter stories up here…I don’t know if I’m ready for what’s coming, but it’ll be an experience for sure!

This past week has been great! As I mentioned in the last e-mail, Sister Duke and I did a lot of organization and it definitely paid off! We taught a lot of lessons (the most I’ve done since being out here) and have some new people to teach! We had a Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday which was awesome. Since President and Sister Roger’s came the night before that, Sister Rogers came out with us to go find people! It was sweet. For the training meeting we had, we focused a lot on charity, which is one of the best gospel topics ever. There is no way we can truly do God’s work effectively if we don’t have charity for those we serve and teach. Everyday, I try my best to feel an increase of love for those around me and sometimes, it can be hard! But the Lord promises us that if we pray with all the energy of heart for it and do righteous works, we will have an increase of it. What an amazing promise! I always feel such a difference when I pray for charity…it’s amazing how much my love has grown for those around me and gives me a clearer perspective of how divine each of us really are, especially in Heavenly Father’s eyes.

One funny, but awesome thing that happened last Wednesday! We were in Canton and we wanted to try this one family who met missionaries a little while back. We went to the house and this 14-year old boy answered and said his mom wasn’t home until 6pm, so we said we’d try back then. After trying a couple of other people, we went back and he answered again and said, “Uh, she should be home in like 20 minutes!” So we went off and tried some other people. We felt kind of weird going back to try them again, but we felt pretty good about it so we did and guess what?! The boy’s little sister answered and said, “Oh! My brother told us you were coming…my mom just went out to go walk the dog!” Haha, we just kept missing the mark! We told the girl we’d be next door because we knew the people there (the Watkins) and come back after. So after we visited the Watkins, we came back to the family’s home and the mom was finally there! So we talked with her and she was so nice! We shared a little message with her and the daughter and we’ll hopefully see them again this week! I’m glad we didn’t give up after going over there so many times…but just like Nephi having to go back 3 times to Jerusalem to obtain the records, we were persistent and went back four times to meet this awesome family! 😉

There’s many other wonderful, tender mercies that I happened this past week, sorry that I’m not naming any specifics, I’m on time crunch! I love being out here and serving the Lord. He is here for us and I have come to realize how much He manifests His love through not only the scriptures or in prayer, but in those around us. “…I am encircled about eternally in the arms of His love.” (2 Nephi 1:15) I love that scripture….He really is there for each and everyone of us with open arms ❤

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BEST DAD EVER!! I love you with all my happy heart and I hope today is as wonderful as you are! Everyone send him a birthday card! Because he’s the BEST and you all know it! 🙂

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Pange

We ran on the hay-bails at the Coopers! SO fun!

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