Week 19

HEY!!!! Man, New Hartford, NY is awesome!!! Yes, I’ve been here for less than a week, but it’s still going strong and probably will continue too. 🙂 My new companion, Sister Thao, is so great. She makes me laugh so much and is such a great missionary and person. Love her. The members in the … More Week 19

Week 18

Hello!!! So, we got transfer calls and I am heading down to New Hartford! And no, it’s not Connecticut…haha 🙂 It’s close to Utica and only 5 minutes away from the mission office! I guess they need to keep a close eye on me…shoot. Haha, but I’m excited! It’s crazy that there’s more to the … More Week 18

Week 17

I just realized that I accidentally put week 15 last week ooops! I can’t believe how fast October is going….crazy. We find out a week from this Saturday whether I’ll be staying here in Norwood or I go somewhere else in the mission….CRAZY! Anyways, hi! 🙂 This last week has been pretty good! We had … More Week 17