Week 18

Hello!!! So, we got transfer calls and I am heading down to New Hartford! And no, it’s not Connecticut…haha 🙂 It’s close to Utica and only 5 minutes away from the mission office! I guess they need to keep a close eye on me…shoot. Haha, but I’m excited! It’s crazy that there’s more to the mission than this area I’ve been serving in…I’m going to miss it here. The people and all. It’s been an amazing 4 1/2 months here and I have learned so much…and still learning!! So we’re going down Wednesday…I’m going to miss Sister Duke. Crazy miracle happened!!! So, I lost my wallet about a month ago and one of the police stations just called in today and said they have it!!! So awesome. Prayer works.

We had a pretty good week! We got complimented about three times this week…it was kind of creepy haha. The first one was an 87 year old man who said we were so pretty and he wanted to marry us…haha oh man. The second one was tabling at SUNY-Canton and this kid we see walk by every time we’re there talked to us for a bit and then said, Well, I’ll see you later, Stay pretty!” and then walked off and then the third time, we went to see this couple who were investigating the church a few months ago and the husband said we were good looking and he has a thing for blondes. SO creepy. Haha, ok it wasn’t that creepy, but the 87 year old guy kind of was! Haha. Good stuff.

We saw quite a few people….one of my most favorite things to do is to read the Book of Mormon with the people we see and teach. I love it. We helped this one women we love rake a bunch of leaves in her yard! It was hardcore….it’s crazy to think how many leaves can be in a single person’s yard. It’s pretty sweet. We took awesome pictures!! She made us some diner after and gave us a taste of her homemade apple pie! It was so good. We also helped a women we visit decorate her house for Christmas!! It was the BEST. She’s just like us mom where we put up Christmas right after Halloween! 🙂 We put up her tree and some doorway decoration…I wish we could have decorated the tree…I’m guessing she’s doing it later. But that was pretty fun! I love Christmas. I’m so pumped. This time of year is the best!

Church was great…got to say a few “see ya laters” to the people I love here. I’m going to miss the awesome members in this branch! They are amazing. The love is real. Our 11 year old investigator, Brandi, has had a hard time with sisters leaving and she blames our mission president for sending us away and all this stuff. I’ve kept telling her that he’s not the one that decides, but it’s the Lord that decides where I’m suppose to go and how I needed to meet other people…also how my family was sad that I left them for 18 months, but how they knew I needed to serve this mission and that it was what the Lord wanted, but she just wasn’t having it. She wrote in my goodbye journal how she didn’t want me to leave and that I wasn’t going and all this stuff….then later in our visit with her, she had a change of heart and wrote the sweetest note at the very front of my journal, it says, “We all love you Sister Pange! It’s worth it, you need to meet other people! Other people need you! Just always remember we all love you!” and then she wrote on the front cover “Sister Pange’s book of love! #everyonelovesyou” It was the sweetest thing ever and I’m so glad that she’s accepting the fact that I’m leaving and understands that it is the Lord’s will. It was such a tender mercy. I’m going to miss her…she was the first person I taught on my mission 🙂 I love all the people I met and I’m going to carry them in my heart forever. I’m so thankful for the way I’ve seen people’s lives change in small and simple ways when they turn to Christ and follow His example. It’s amazing…and there’s still more to come!!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 🙂

Love, Sister Pange


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