Week 20

HEY!!!! Man, New Hartford, NY is awesome!!! Yes, I’ve been here for less than a week, but it’s still going strong and probably will continue too. 🙂 My new companion, Sister Thao, is so great. She makes me laugh so much and is such a great missionary and person. Love her. The members in the ward here are amazing!!! I already knew two of them! Before I came out on my mission, I found out that some people I know back in Blackfoot (the Folsoms) had family here in my mission! I think it was about 2 or 3 days before i left, Sister Folsom’s parents were at their home in Blackfoot, so naturally, I invited my parents and I over to go and meet them!! Her parents are the Malczyk’s and Brother Malczyk served as one of the counselor’s to the previous mission president, so they knew all about the New York Utica mission and gave me the inside scoop on it before I went out! I was hoping to serve in the ward they’re in eventually on my mission and lo and behold, I am now!!! They are so awesome…they served us ice cream yesterday and planning on having us over for Thanksgiving with them!! They are great. And all the members here are! I felt so loved and welcomed. We had a YSA Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday which was delicious and the Primary Program yesterday in church which is always the best thing ever. Little kids are the best. So fun.

So, we are super close to the mission office and home, which is sweet. This morning, we did our laundry, personal/companionship study, and letter writing at the mission home…said hi to President and Sister Rogers…no big deal…haha 😉 It’s great. Our apartment is pretty nice in New Hartford! The area that we work in has a mixture of beautiful homes and then some ghetto parts. So great. Way different than my last area…plus we have a mall and a bunch of other brand places n’stuff! There’s more to life than Walmart…who knew.

The people we are teaching are great! This one young woman, Alieanna, who’s about 16 years old is planning on getting baptized in a few weeks which is awesome! She is so sweet and has the craziest and cutest little 5 year old sister. I’ll have to take a picture with them sometime soon…some recent converts that we see who are the same age as Alieanna are so great, Jessica and Sheaquana. Love em. Shea has gone out teaching with us a few times and she is just so fun and full of life. We see this one older woman, Flauvia, and she is the sweetest old lady ever! She isn’t a member, but her son’s family is and one of her grandsons went on a mission! So she knows a little bit about the church…Sister Rogers came out with us teaching which was awesome! Love her. We are seeing a few other people too, but those are the ones that stick out for now…but man, I just love the people here!

So, some cool missionary stuff…it was Thursday night I think and it was 8:50pm…Sister Thao said that since we only got 10 minutes before we go back to the apartment, we’re going to ‘stop, park, and chase!’ meaning that the first person we see while driving back home, we’ll stop and park the car and go and run to them. And that’s exactly what we did. I saw this couple walking their dog and I said, “Sister Thao! Let’s talk to them!” We parked a block away basically, so we literally had to run haha. It was fun…don’t worry though we slowed down and played it cool when we got close to them. They were super nice! The guy said, I didn’t know girls served missions, I thought it was only guys!” They were super nice and we gave them a family search card and told them to check out the website and give us a call if they had any questions! They told us that they were impressed that we would willingly take time off of college and life to do a mission and wished us the best of luck. So that was cool! I can’t wait to do more ‘stop, park, and chase!’ moments…it sound creepy and everything, but it turns out being really cool..and if anything, we plant seeds! And I promise, we are being safe….sorry again if it sounds creepy! Haha…oh man. Missions. We had an awesome miracle happen last night!! One of our 8:15pm appointments fell through last night which meant 45 minutes of trying to find people which can be rough at night…we tried a few people and they either weren’t home or weren’t interested. We tried this one house though, and this young woman answered and we asked if a Denise and Douglas lived there and she said a Douglas did! This young guy came out and invited us right in! We got acquainted with them (they’r brother and sister, the sister’s name is Kelly) and we taught the Restoration to them…we asked if we could come back and they said yes! Douglas has work off on Wednesday, so we’ll hopefully see him then! They are so awesome. It was a small little miracle and we realized what a blessing it was that the one appointment feel through, otherwise we would have never found them!

So those are a few things….I love it here! We are planning on going to the NY Utica Zoo today! Woop! Should be good 🙂 I started to read from the beginning of the Old Testament which I haven’t done in a long time! I am reading about Christ’s life in Mark and reading in Mosiah in the BOM which is awesome. I love Abinadi’s sermon when he talks of Christ…here’s one of my favorite verses in Mosiah 16:9 “He is the light and the life of the world; yea, alight that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death.” Love this!! Jesus Christ is that light and life for each of us…His love is so real. I love this gospel and serving the people here! It’s the best!! I hope you all have a great week!! ❤

Love, Sister Pange


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