Hello! Hope you all had the best Thanksgiving week ever!! We had a pretty good one 🙂 Ate diner at the Malczyks and the food was delicious! Before the dinner though, we were working on a 1,000 piece puzzle. So intense. My brain was fried and we didn’t even get half way done! But I’m proud with what we did accomplish 🙂 We were able to teach a couple of lessons that night too which was a big blessing!

We had an awesome Zone Training Meeting!! Our Friday turned out to be a bit different then what we expected! Sister Rogers gave us a call on Thanksgiving and said that she needed me to come with her to take an elder to the airport early in the morning on Friday (he broke his leg) and Sister Thao would make breakfast for the elders and sisters who were staying in the mission home who were going to the Mission Leadership Conference! So I went with her to Syracuse and got some good bonding time! I asked her what her favorite part of being in the mission was and she said how much she loved going to the big meetings and sitting up on the stand looking at all of us listen to what President Rogers is saying or whoever is speaking…she said she loves looking at our faces when we grasp onto a concept and just our reactions to things. I thought that was cool.

We had an exchange! I went to Hamilton with Sister Gilstrap and worked in her area for 24 hours. It was fun. We OYM’d a few people and we had such a sweet lesson with this couple they’ve been trying to get in with for a couple of days! They were awesome. Sister Gilstrap is amazing and taught me so much on that exchange…she has been through so much, even had a very close family member pass away while she was out on her mission…but she said how much her faith in this gospel has grown and the peace that comes in knowing that her family will be together forever after this life has strengthened her testimony and trust in the Lord.

I have definitely felt my testimony and trust in the Lord grown through the adversity and trials in life…I feel that’s when it grows the most! Last night, Sister Thao and I went and saw this couple who had known about the church and had missionaries over before throughout 45 years. The wife was so sweet and kind…the husband started to get into probing questions about our doctrine and what not which brought in contention. It could’ve been easy to, in lack of a better word, ‘Bible bash’ and try to disprove what he was saying, but it’s not worth it because the Spirit would leave and nothing good comes when the Spirit isn’t there and contention takes over. I’ve been reading from the New Testament about Christ’s life and how He reacted to certain situations and it has helped me immensely. I responded calmly and confidently to some of the questions he asked and kept my peace as he ranted about other things. My testimony grew in the simple truths of this gospel while he was trying to disprove them and I prayed in my heart for what the Lord wanted me to say or do at that moment…anytime that we earnestly pray and desire to know what the Lord wants us to do in any situation, He is there for us. He will guide our thoughts, actions, and words as we seek for his guidance and help. It’s amazing. I felt such love for these people and felt sorry that the man felt he had to contend with us, but I do know that he is a son of God and that Heavenly Father loves him and every single one of his children, no matter what. After we saw them, we felt a little down, but prayed for strength and guidance and the next house we tried, the man wanted us to come back which was a blessing!

We have been OYMing more which has been great and I love how people are more receptive and open to hear a message from us this time of year! I love Christmas and celebrating the birth of our Savior. We have been sharing pass along cards about the new video clip that has recently been put out about Christmas and the meaning of it! Here’s a link to it: https://www.mormon.org/christmas It’s awesome. I love thid time of year! People are decorating their house so pretty and the feeling you get just makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside…it’s the best. Usually, the weather here is way different this time of year….we’ve been having a pretty mild one and no snow has been sticking yet! I’m sure it’ll come though…snow is so magical.

Man, I feel like there’s so much more, but there’s a piece of the pie of this week. I love being out here on a mission! LOVE IT! It has been such a growing experience and I have felt so close to my Savior and it’s funny, I have felt so close to my family and loved ones through letters and e-mails even though you’re all far away…I am so blessed! Hope you all have a happy first week of December!

Love, Sister Pange


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