Week 34

Hello! So, I wanted to let you all know that if any of you have questions about what I do n’stuff, let me know!! I’m sure there’s some things that I talk about that may seem unfamiliar or even just wanting to know why or what the heck I’m doing is something I’d love to … More Week 34

Week 33

Hello!!! Man…the cold definitely came in. Down to -18 at night this last weekend, but the wind chill is like -30/-40 degrees so…cold. Woo! It’s good though! We are having fun with it. We’ve had a pretty mild winter here so we gotta have come extreme times to spice it up. Yesterday, the high was … More Week 33

Week 32

Hey!! So yeah, MIRACLES. But hey, what’s new?! Miracles happen everyday! The lord is working them all the time…I guess we just had our eyes opened to see more this week…it was awesome!!! This is gonna be long… Well, to start off with, Alieanna got baptized!!! A few days leading up to it she said, … More Week 32

Week 31

HEY!! Hope you all are doing great!! Sister Baylon and I had a pretty great week…we had 10 lessons (out of 12) where members came with us!! It was so sweet!!! Definitely a blessings…it’s always the best when members come with us, I love hearing their testimonies and experiences ❤ We started teaching Laura and … More Week 31

Week 30

Hello!!!! Great week. I can’t believe it’s already Monday..the weeks are seriously flying. Craaaazy. Ok, first off, we had a Christmas party! One of the members, Tom, invited us over to ahve lunch with he and his wife, Ewe (pronounced Eh-va who isn’t a member). We met them a month ago. Ewe is from Poland … More Week 30

Week 29

Hello!!! Man, I feel like I just e-mailed! The weeks go by fast. Well, it is a winter wonderland, lemme tell you. It’s the best. Sister Baylon is loving it, this is her first time living in snow besides visiting it. So we are loving it together. Wednesday we had the dump of it and … More Week 29


On Jan 11, 2016, at 11:46 AM, Alexandra Pange wrote: Super chessy title…hah, but Hello!!! Loving the mission and we had a pretty good week! > > Flavia was going to go to Florida this week, but she hurt her leg 😦 So she isn’t leaving for 2 weeks….not to be selfish or anything, but … More WEEK 28

Week 35

I can’t even believe how fast time flies out here!!! I’ve been out for a little over 8 months!! Ew. More motivation to savor each day of being a missionary…it’s the best!!! Anyway hi fam! ‘Twas a good week. Alieanna is going strong! Every time we see her, she seems to have  a new spiritual … More Week 35

Week 27

HI!!! Man, I feel so blessed.  I can’t even express how much gratitude I feel to the Lord and for this miraculous gospel. It is absolutely amazing. It’s super awesome that it’s 2016…and it’s going to be the best year of my life yet because I will be serving every single day. 365 days dedicated … More Week 27