On Jan 11, 2016, at 11:46 AM, Alexandra Pange wrote:

Super chessy title…hah, but Hello!!! Loving the mission and we had a pretty good week!
> Flavia was going to go to Florida this week, but she hurt her leg 😦 So she isn’t leaving for 2 weeks….not to be selfish or anything, but I’m low-key ok with it because we love Flav!! We had a few bitter people while we were tracting…no need to go into details, but seeing Flav after the whole incident balanced out the hate we faced! #goFlav! 🙂 Her leg is healing up and doesn’t hurt…and she made us brownies!! They are bomb. We read the Book of Mormon with her and it was when Nephi was telling his brothers all about the miraculous things God did for Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, etc…she really enjoyed that since she’s new to reading the BOM, but those people were familiar! That’s one thing I love about the BOM, it truly does testify of the Lord’s work not only in their lives in the Ancient Americas, but also in the lives of the people in the Bible.
> Alieanna is doing so good!! Her baptismal interview is tomorrow and she’ll be baptized in less than 2 weeks! She is so excited….she is such a sweet and humble young woman. We started teaching Prince (Sheaquana’s brother). He is hilarious. He’s 13 years old…oh man. I’ll have to get a picture with him some time soon. We are planning his baptism to be in February. He is super rambunctious, but pretty mature. He makes us laugh all the time. We met with Flav’s grand-daughter and daughter, Lori and Kameron, and they are so awesome. We are excited to keep meeting with them. We saw our new investigator Kevin a few days ago…he’s pretty cool. He had this great sweater on. We saw Heather who is doing so good with quitting smoking!! Saw Daisy, and she is so cute. She’s the one in a nursing home and we asked her what she really missed eating and she said,”Oh hunny, I miss drinking a strawberry milkshake!” So, we’re bringing that to her this Tuesday 🙂 Saw Douglas!! We are focusing more on how he can develop a stronger relationship with Christ and the reason why we need it….he’s pretty awesome. We saw a few other people too…Sorry, I’m being so bland and not very detailed about all of this haha, but I love these people and I wish you all could meet them! So awesome.
> We FINALLY saw Tim!! Who we haven’t seen in such a long time!! He got a new job that he works at 6 days a week with long hours…and we caught him on his day off!! We had a great conversation with him about the difference of one person saying they believe in God and one acting on that belief. And that’ what faith is. Faith really is an action; a conscious and physical effort to act how God would have us be and ultimately become more like Christ. It’s an everyday thing, not just a Sunday thing. That’s one thing that I love about this Gospel…we must continually act on our faith and have it ingrained in our everyday lives because we made a covenant with the Lord that we would always remember Him and keep His commandments, so that we will always have His Spirit to be with us. Sounds like a huge effort, but the rewards and blessings we receive from Heavenly Father is countless and exceeds what we could do by ourselves. There’s no way we could do it by ourselves and that’s why Heavenly Father restored the true gospel on the earth again so we can have the fullness of the blessings He so willingly wants to give us! Anyways, we didn’t exactly talk about that, that just came to mind while I was typing…haha, but we had a good discussion with Tim and we’re hopefully going to see him more.
> We had dinner with some members, the Bruns. They are awesome. They live in one of the houses that was a part of the underground railroad!!! SO COOL. They used to show the missionaries the tunnels under their house, but I guess one missionary got stuck or something…so we can’t go down and see them anymore…dangit!! But, it’s cool. I was still in the house that have them….there’s so much history here!! Oh! We did some service for one of Sister Brun’s friends at the Utica College…we helped move some skii and other sporting equipment to the new dome they have….it’s apparently the 2nd largest dome in the U.S. for a school! It was pretty sweet. But yeah, that was fun! I love doing service…we always meet some awesome people. And we of course worked at the Presb home! Those people are the best…
> We had Return and Report on Friday to follow up on how our training is going! Sister Baylon is so awesome…she just feels so natural being here and connects so well to people. She has the gift of crying when she bears testimony of the Savior….it is the sweetest thing. She sang in Sacrament meeting yesterday and she has such a beautiful talent of singing and playing the piano! The song was, “He’ll Carry You” by Hilary Weeks. It has beautiful lyrics. I got to hold the mic for her and got many compliments for doing so (; Anywho, Return and Report was great! I have a wee bit of a cold which stinks, but I’ll kick it out soon. It’s pretty chilly here, but could be a lot worst…we’re having a pretty mild winter….I’m just waiting for the crazy dump of snow everyone is talking about!!
> I hope you all have a wonderful week! Lovage!!!

Love, Sister Pange

Sister Baylon and I got donuts!! (Hence the cheesy title to the e-mail) What what


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