Week 31

HEY!! Hope you all are doing great!!

Sister Baylon and I had a pretty great week…we had 10 lessons (out of 12) where members came with us!! It was so sweet!!! Definitely a blessings…it’s always the best when members come with us, I love hearing their testimonies and experiences ❤

We started teaching Laura and she is the sweetest!! She actually works at the Presb. home that we volunteer at! Go figure! So, we saw her last time we went and gave her a hug! She has a strong belief in Christ…she is so great. We’re excited to keep meeting with her! Kevin is great! We had an awesome lesson with Nate the great! Sister Malczyk was with us…it was so good. Saw Tim, he’s doing good. Prince is doing great! He is so funny…I took a picture of him and his nephew, Ramuire. That baby is the cutest. We saw Tony again!! He’s so awesome. He got called into work this last Sunday, but he’s going to keep working on getting it off so he can come to church. Love these people!

Alieanna is doing awesome…her baptism is actually this Saturday now since her grandma’s funeral was last Saturday. She is super anxious to get baptized it’s been postponed so many times. She is excited. And she’s so far in the Book of Mormon!! She read nine chapters in one day! She said she she wants to get to the part when Christ came down and preached among the people of Nephi…she’s at the end of Alma now so she’ll be there soon! “) It’s so cool to see her enthusiasm and love for the scriptures. She inspires me!

We had dinner with President and Sister Roger’s and the two sets of Elders last Monday! That was fun. Last Tuesday, we had a trio for the day! Sister Trapane joined us, it was fun 🙂 I got to see my old companion, Sister Duke briefly!! She’ll be done with the mission on Wednesday! Crazy!! Love that girl so much. We got our Transfer Calls last night and we have some exciting new changes!! Sister Baylon and I are…..drum-roll….staying together!! WOO! Ok, that’s not the big change, but it’s still exciting!! #loveher We have a new assitant to the president (AP), a new zone leader, a new district leader and all that jazz. And Sister Blomquist is training again!!! WOO! That’s what’s up!! #soproud

I need to remember fun little details n’ stuff to make my e-mails more interesting…I’ll try better! Sister Baylon and I taught the Young Women yesterday! It went pretty well!! We talked about the Godhead! Here’s some awesome articles/sources we used 🙂 https://www.lds.org/youth/article/how-can-knowing-the-godhead-change-me?lang=eng and https://www.lds.org/youth/article/learning-about-the-godhead?lang=eng
and here’s a great video about these two siblings in Ghana, it’s so sweet. https://www.lds.org/youth/video/he-knows-me?lang=eng

I’m just loving it here…trying to savor every minute. It’s the most tiring, happiest, bestest thing ever. Love love love it!! Have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Pange

“…hearken unto me, and open your ears that ye may hear, and your hearts that ye may understand, and your minds that the mysteries of God may be unfolded to your view.” Mosiah 2:9


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