Week 32

Hey!! So yeah, MIRACLES. But hey, what’s new?! Miracles happen everyday! The lord is working them all the time…I guess we just had our eyes opened to see more this week…it was awesome!!! This is gonna be long…

Well, to start off with, Alieanna got baptized!!! A few days leading up to it she said, “I just want to cannonball into the water!” Haha, she’s so cute. She has faced a lot of adversity leading up to this of having to delay her baptism 3 times and some other opposition….but she’s stayed strong. Alieanna came with us to a member’s home (the Mitchell’s–aka the best fam ever) the night before her baptism and we had dinner and talked about faith and adversity. it was awesome. Alieanna has truly been living the gospel…on her birthday about 2 weeks ago, some of her friends called saying that they should have a party and have alcohol and other stuff, but she said no to that. She said that before deciding to join, she probably would have been ok with that, but now she doesn’t want any part of it. The only people who came to her party was her fam, us, Shea, and one of her other friends. Sister Baylon and I were wondering why there wasn’t more people, but we found out last week that that was why. She is so awesome!! Standing up for what’s right! Her baptismal service went great..she was so excited….at first she was nervous about being immersed in the water, but Brother Mitchell said everything was all right…when she came out from being baptized, she was laughing saying she was felt so silly being afraid about being dunked and how she felt so good and happy. I got to be in the presence of the most cleanest person on earth right then and there 🙂 Baptisms are amazing…I always think back to my own and how good I felt, even though I may not have fully understood all the details behind that amazing covenant…I knew it was what Heavenly father wanted me to do and that I wanted to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Sister Baylon and I sang (I’ll try to send in a recording next week!) and it was just an awesome evening. Alieanna told us after that she wasn’t sure if she’d be in church the next day to be confirmed because the person who was suppose to take her work shift couldn’t do it anymore…we told her we’d pray and hope it’d all work out! I had a feeling it would…and it did ❤ Nothing can stop this girl. She had an amazing revelation Saturday night (the night after her baptism)….she said she had it at 3am and she felt impressed to write it down so she wouldn’t forget! She gave me permission to share it, it’s awesome!
“I like to think of Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost as coaches un a basketball game. The basketball representing the love and faith we have in our Heavenly father and the other team will try to steal the ball from you, but the ‘plays’ (Book of Mormon, Bible, and General Conference) that the coaches made for you will help you win. When you make a mistake in basketball apologizing (repenting) to the coaches and they will forgive you. The adversary will work hard to win this game, but enduring to the end you’ll be sure to win, but if you lose that ball you need to get it back or a point is for the adversary. The adversary will try to block every shot, but with faith you’ll make it. The basketball game doesn’t have a time because nobody knows when it will end. But we are in the last days…we know we’re in the last quarter. The coaches are cheering for you and can’t wait to take you out of the game when you’re done. Some players on your team will give in to the adversary and join his team, but if you stay strong, you’ll make it. With the Godhead helping and cheering you on you have a better chance winning the game then the other team because their ‘coach’ didn’t make a play or plans for them…he leaves them alone to play not to help his players; to destroy them. Some players will leave the adversary team and will join your team, but they will have to gain forgiveness and the coaches (Godhead) are so merciful they will allow anyone to join.

We are on the same basketball team and I love playing with you guys.” -Alieanna
Isn’t that so awesome?!?! My mind was blown. It’s a modern day parable!! She is so on fire!!

Ok, I could keep gushing about Alieanna, but I’ll move on…
Kevin is doing so AWESOME. Laura is still the sweetest thing…hopefully we’ll meet with her again soon. Prince is doing good! He had a rough week…he said that he’s been thinking a lot about what we’ve taught about…he tried a few things that he knew was breaking word of wisdom, and he felt gross after doing them…he knows that the lifestyle so many of his friends/family live really isn’t the way to happiness even though it may look like happiness, it is pretty temporary. It’s great how open he is about this all and we told him about repentance and how he can have the guilt and shame wiped away. He is so awesome and had a really good heart. We got a call from a former investigator, Jean, saying how she needs to know about the ‘higher power’. She has gone through a lot of addictions, is going to AA, and is currently trying to change her life around. We are looking forward to more visits with her and seeing her real intent to change her life around through God.

We were trying to find one of our old investigators, Desha, and we tried her house, but we’re pretty sure some new people lived there. But to make sure, we knocked on the door next door and this cute, young teen girl, Silvia, answered. We asked and she had o idea because she recently moved there. We asked if she’d be interested in learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she said sure, but that she spake little English. We planned a day and brought Sister Gamboa (she’s form Paraguay) to help with the lesson and translating to Spanish. We saw her and her parents joined! They recently came from Columbia. It was AMAZING. We spoke in very simple terms about the Restoration and Sister Gamboa translated for us and added her own testimony. This family is awesome! Super humble and sweet. The father doesn’t seem to be too involved, but the mom and especially Silvia is super involved and are excited to start reading the BOM (we got Spanish ones). Super awesome!!

We received a referral from one of the mission office couples (Elder and Sister Lee—aka the best people ever!!) This lady walked into the mission office and said she was interested in learning more about the church. We gave her a call, but didn’t have an answer. We tried her a few days later and we had a 15 minute convo with her. She has had experiences where she had a friend and a co-worker who were LDS and she felt so impressed with them. She also mentioned how good and warm she felt when she has visited our chapel before…so awesome. We invited her to the baptism and said we could meet with her after and she agreed! But, she got really sick 😦 so we haven’t met her in person yet, but she is excited to meet with us! Her name is Peggy and we love her already!

We were trying to find Shea and lo and behold, she was at McDonald’s #classic. We met her cousin, Tyesha, and talked with them a little bit. Apparently, Tyesha took lessons with missionaries before and has come to church activities n’stuff. We asked if she would want to take lessons again and she was all for it! The first lesson we had with her, she agreed to be baptized on Feb. 27. She came to Alieanna’s baptism and church and the lesson we had with her last night was amazing. She wants to see us everyday to learn more about the gospel…so amazing. We love her and Shea so much.

So, those are a few highlights this week. Oh, have I mentioned I love my companion Sister Baylon? Yeah, she’s pretty great.

Miracles and blessings. Defintiely cannot be worked by the hand of man, but by the Lord. I feel so blessed and humbled, everyday, to be on out here…it can be so hard, but the sweet miracles and blessings are so worth it. I have felt so much love for these people and it’s been amazing to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly does change lives.

“And now, O all ye that have imagined up unto yourselves a god who can do no miracles…Behold I say unto you…God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.” (Mormon 9:15)

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!!
Love, Sister Pange


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