38th week

Hello!!!! What a great week. Bitter-sweet though because I said good-bye to my Sister Baylon ūüė• sadness….but happiness because she’s gonna bless the lives of the peeps in Owego!!!

Before she left though, we got to see some of our favorites of course. Prince was sad to see her go and was acting all dramatic haha. We sang “How Great Thou Art” for Flavia and she teared up…apparently it was the song sung at her husband’s funeral and she was just looking over his obituary a few days ago and read the lyrics. That was definitely inspired by the Spirit.¬† We had hot cocoa and sweet bread at the Halls and Kevin came! We read the BOM in Alma about the 2,000 stripling warriors and how their mothers taught them to trust in the Lord. Such an awesome chapter.¬† We saw Sister Utera…..omigoodness….I don’t talk about her enough! She’s so amazing!!¬† The transformation that she’s been through since the first day I met her is miraculous. Its been an amazing thing to witness it. I’ll write all about it another time for ya. She’s so legit!!! We saw Daisy…Sister Baylon wrote the most beautiful poem for her!!! We went t the Mitchell’s for dinner on Sister Baylon’s last night and saw the Aguirre’s and then Alieanna and Shea. Sister Baylon is going to be missed here.
So, we had transfers on Wednesday and we met our new comps! We both have companions going home after this transfer, crazy!!¬† I met Sister Collette before, and man, she’s AWESOME. She’s from Salt Lake City (Murray), Utah and she is 6’3! (No, she didn’t play basketball)….she graduated from BYU a few years ago in finances and worked in Arkansas for a bit before coming on the mission! She’ll be turning 25 on April 26th, so we’re birthday buddies!!! She is SO FUN. She makes up awesome, cheesy raps and is such an awesome missionary. Love her. But yeah, she’s going home the first week of May, so I have to savor every minute with her! It’s been so great. On our first evening tracting together, we found a family!! This little girl name Kelli (8 years old), her little brother Brentley (2 years old), and Jessica (mom).¬† They let us right in and we taught the Restoration. Hopefully we’ll meet the dad soon, he’s in the military, but I believe he’s home at the moment. Kelli was just sinking everything in and she is so smart. Cutest family ever!!
Alieanna is doing great…her and Shea came to the Women’s Broadcast on Saturday!! That was so good!! I loved all the speakers and the spirit truly was there. Here’s a link to it if you want to watch it:¬†https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/04?cid=HP_SA_3-26-2016_dPFD_fGC_xLIDyL1-B_&lang=eng
We had a dinner and went to a baptism before that, and volunteered at the Presb home and Emmaus house! So that was a great day! Oh! I promised I would talk more about Viola who volunteers at Emmaus House. So, she’s a Haitian lady who moved to America about 20 years ago. She volunteers more than she works…she is so awesome. One of the stories she told us was how she was living in Haiti, there was a shooting and one of the men shot her sister. Her sister died and they both knew the man that shot her.¬† Viola said that she forgave the man and even fed his family ¬†to help them out….one of the leaders in the community had a meeting with Viola and said to her, “Did you know you’re killing this man?” And she said, “What do you mean?” The leader said, “You’re killing him with kindness.” The man who shot her sister was so harrowed up with the act he did and Viola said to him, “I’ve forgiven you….you need to forgive yourself.” She kept serving this man and his family…he eventually turned his life around and went to America to save money and brought his family over. Isn’t that crazy?! She said how forgiveness and loving ¬†others is necessary before you go to God to ask for His love and forgiveness. It reminds me of what Christ said, “I say unto you,¬†Love¬†your¬†enemies,¬†bless¬†them that¬†curse¬†you, do¬†good¬†to them that¬†hate¬†you, and¬†pray¬†for them which despitefully use you, and¬†persecute¬†you..”(Matt. 5:44)
Also, earlier in that chapter, He talks about who we first need to be reconciled with our brother and then come to God.¬† It was just mind-blowing to hear here story and to see her humility.¬† SO amazing…so unlike this world where so many people are out for revenge and trying to be even with others. She truly lives as Christ would. It was very humbling to hear about her life and all that she’s been through…and she is such a loving person! Ahh. So, that’s just a piece of Viola.
We started teaching Laura again! She’s so sweet. Kevin is doing great! he came to church on Easter Sunday for all three hours! What a wonderful time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. We had fats and testimony meeting on Easter, so that was totally different, but super cool. We went to the Mitchell’s for Easter dinner…it was basically a Thanksgiving feast!! SO GOOD! We had the elders give Judy a blessing of comfort…she felt so happy after that. We taugth prince and some of his neighborhood friends joined us for a lesson outside in the evening….it was ¬†a little crazy, but great ūüôā Anyway, great week!! We did quite a bit of tracting and met some nice people and some not so nice people…we’re pretty scary to a lot of folks when we knock on their door…but some of them are nice and see that we’re just a couple of human beings…and few truly recognize us being on the Lord’s errand and invite us in. All the bitter, hard moments are swallowed up in the sweet. It’s so cool. I love being a missionary and I love this mission and all the people in it!!!! LOVE!!! And I am so excited for General Conference where we get to hear the Lord through His prophet, apostles, and leaders this Saturday and Sunday!! AHH!¬† Hope you all have a great week!!!
Lovage, Sister Pange
Curtis (soon to be Elder Mitchell in Africa!!) and Sister Collette!
Inline image 1
Sister Collette!!! just took this picture….haha
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