43rd Week!!!

GREAT WEEK!  Kevin is doing so awesome!!! He finished the Book of Mormon!!! And we went over the baptismal questions and he answered them all! That was the most rewarding thing…to see him testify that he believes in Heavenly Father and that Christ is his Savior….that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that our current prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, is the Lord’s prophet right now….along with all the other questions….AH!! It’s been amazing to see him from day one when we tracted into his home on a cold December evening when he thought we were JWs, and now to see his growing testimony in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SO AMAZING.  And Prince got baptized!!!! It was great….I gave the talk on baptism and I just felt an overwhelming feeling of how much love I and Heavenly Father have for him and the decision he made to be baptized. Yes, he is little crazy and immature, as most 13-year olds are, but he is so special….I look at his circumstances and life….none of his family members came to support him, except for Shea.  But all the wonderful members here got him and Shea to church and his baptism, brought refreshments, and gave such love and encouragement to him.  His confirmation blessing was wonderful too.  Kevin came to the baptism and church! It was so cute, after Prince came up from the water and was baptized, he was SO happy and sad, “I’m baptimitized! I’m baptimitized!” (he is funny and adds extra syllables to words haha)  I looked over at Kevin and he was smiling so big and clapped his hands a little….it was so cute! Ah, love these people!! And he was smiling while Sister Collette was talking about the gift of the Holy Ghost….he said he’s still praying about when to be baptized…we were hoping it’d be on my birthday this Saturday, but all in the Lord’s timing!  

We went on exchange with the Hamilton Sisters….Sister Howard was with me and she actually served here in New Hartford 8 months ago! So, it was a great day for her to see some of the awesome people here. She tracted into Tim and Alieanna…she’s wrapping up her mission and right now and coming here and seeing the blossoms of the seeds she planted before was a tender mercy for her. Twas a great day!
We have had a lot of opportunities to teach new people this past week! So great….We taught Louise again and she is SO AWESOME…she has so many questions and everything….she’s Italian so she is a talker…she is looking forward to coming to church and learning more! Flavia is doing good…she has such a special place in my heart…I love her so much. Oh, one awesome and pretty remarkable thing that happened! The mission office couples, that I know pretty well and see every week, meet my Aunt Sandra at the Palmyra temple!! Such a small world!!! SO awesome!!!! When I came into the mission office last Monday, Elder Larson said, “We have a little surprise we ran into last Saturday at the temple!” And Sister Larson pulled up the photo…and lo and behold, it was them standing in front of the temple with my Aunt! That made me happy 🙂

Omigoodness, I’m going to miss Sister Collette!! She leaves a week from today to go home…she is so awesome. She has set the perfect example of how I want to be at the end of my mission….and it’s basically to keep being a missionary! She and her parents are coming back at the end of May to show them around the mission and meet people, so that’ll be awesome.  It’s Sister Collette’s birthday tomorrow, but I won’t see one lick of her because tonight she’s staying at the mission home and going to the temple with all the other missionaries going home! And won’t get back until Wednesday morning…but it’s so cool that she gets to go to the temple on her birthday! We’ll just have to celebrate both our birthdays on the 30th 🙂 
SO yes….great week.  I love partaking of the sacrament and feeling so clean and new each week. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being a missionary for Him at this time…He truly changes lives and He loves all of us so much. I hope you all have a great week!!! LOVAGE!!
Love, Sister Pange
With the Hamilton Sistas!!  (Sisters Faussett. Howard, Collette & me!) 
Inline image 1
Shea and Prince!!!
Inline image 2
He’s so great. 
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