47th week

Heyyy! Pretty great week!! Kevin is doing great!!! He’s looking forward to his baptism! His interview is tomorrow 🙂 He is so awesome. We had the Norwich sisters come join us this week for an exchange! It was pretty awesome.  It was a beautiful day and all the people Sister Hayward and I OYM’d were so nice! The very first door we knocked on, the lady was so fun and sweet! We taught her the resto and she was totally down for us to teach her more! Another woman that we also taught  the Restoration too committed to baptism on the spot….it was super cool! She gave a super sweet prayer….I’m excited to get to know these women more! We ran into these kids (some of them were a member’s kids) who found a dead mouse and baby bird. We told them to bury it and we would make tombstones out of some of the crumbled up stones of the street. They also drew pictures of us on the sidewalk. I’ll attach the pictures….anyways, a random little sidenote, they were cool kids! We switched up companions in the evening and Sister Gneiting is awesome!!! We have such great sisters in our mission! I want to be companions with them all!

 We went to Barnes and Nobles for a little fundraiser for the New Hartford Library! Ashlin and Anne (two of the librarians) were there and they are so awesome… I was able to paint a couple of kids hands..none of them wanted it on their face, haha! That was fun though…Sister Henstrom and I got to play around with some of the paint, picture is below! Ashlin wants us to do a little window mural at the library, so I am excited!! It was relaxing to do some art for a little bit of the afternoon. 🙂

Tim is doing super awesome…..he basically feeds us dinner every time we go over, so it’s pretty sweet. He truly is having a mighty change of heart. He said how he feels so happy and actually is starting to like the person in the mirror….he said that he knows it’s because he’s been reading in the Book of Mormon and praying….he says that he is feeling something that he never has before and that it’s so different than from anything he’s felt before and he knows it’s from God. So amazing to see the Spirit working with him!! When we pray and read daily from the scriptures, we change….the trials and difficulties in life have more meaning and perspective and we see that we are actually able to get through them because we have Jesus Christ helping to change our hearts and desires.  He was blessed with a job and he knew it was a blessing from the Lord! He was so excited to come to church this last Sunday, but that morning, he said he couldn’t go…that he had to pick up some tools from a friend for the job to have ready by Monday (today).  We were like NOOOO. He cancelled the dinner appointment with us that day and said he was having a bad day….so we went over mid-afternoon to see what was up.  He said that his friend never came to pick him up and that no one has been answering his calls or anything…it was a big bummer on his side….he offered the leftovers of the dinner we had the night before, of course, haha so we said that we’d eat it! When he came back with the plate, he said, “I had an epiphany while I was preparing the food. I realized that the reason things didn’t work out today was because I put my needs before God’s needs….I should’ve known that everything would have worked out ok if I had just gone to church and that He would take of me with the things I needed.” YESSS. He is so awesome….he’s planning to be done with smoking and drinking in full force today so that is awesome!!! It is such a blessing to witness the process of someone’s life turning around and seeing their faith increase in Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, and the blessings that come when we follow the commandments of God. It’s amazing!! We’re going to start helping Louise quit smoking…I truly know that the Lord wants us to be clean physically and free from addictive substances so we’ll be able to be more in tune with the Spirit which will enable us to receive His promptings and to follow God with trust and a surety that we will receive answers and help.

Prince and Shea are hanging…Shea is a wonderful cook by the way. I am so excited for this girl to go to college….Ok, super cool thing!!!!!! When we went to go visit Daisy at the care center, one of the ladies that works on her floor called us over and asked, “What denomination are you from.” So we told her and she said,”That is wonderful…do you have any pamphlets that I can read?” So we gave her a restoration pamphlet and she told us the days that she has off for us to come and see her….it was so crazy!!! Daisy has been a missionary there and has touched a lot of people’s hearts…she is so miserable in there, but she still keeps the faith and reaches out to people all the time and shares with them the gospel! So amazing.  Alieanna is doing amazing and shes been a little missionary herself! One of her older sisters is interested in learning more about the church! She’s still a little hesitant to meet with us, but Alieanna will continue to talk with her. We just never know what influence we can make on people as we live and share the things we love!
There’s a piece! I hope you all have a wonderful week! Much love!!!!!
Love, Sister Pange
Sisters me, Henstrom, Gneiting, and Hayward 🙂
Inline image 6
The little kids that drew Sister Hayward and I 🙂
Inline image 5
Took and picture by a street sign called Alma!!! 😉
Inline image 4

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