Week 36


So yeah, this last week has been pretty good! We had the craziest miracle happen. We were ending district meeting (which was awesome btw) and during the closing song, we heard a voice calling my and Sister Baylon’s name….lo and behold, it was Sister Lee (one of the mission office peeps). She Told us that this woman came into the mission office and was interested in coming to church and taking lessons! So, after the closing prayer, we skeedatted to the office….her name is Estella and she is AMAZING. We talked for her for quite awhile and she unfolded all the struggles that are going on in life….her son who has been battling addictions and everything desired to go to church and so did she. They were about to go to this one church, but she didn’t feel right about it.  A night or two later, she had a dream that she needed to come to this church. So, she took that as an answer from God and came on over! So crazy!! She had former ancestors that were LDS, so she knows quite a bit about the church. Anyway, we are excited to keep meeting with her…we were kind of dumb though because we forgot to get her number…mehh. But she has ours, so we’re sure she’ll get back to us! AND the other woman, Peggy, who also came into the mission office like a month ago, we FINALLY got back in touch with her! Meeting her this week, woo! The Lord is helping us out big time.
Alieanna is doing great. Tyesha was doing dandy earlier in the week, but now it’s weird…she has a lot of things fighting against her and not a lot of support….and we haven’t been able to see her for a couple of days 😦 but we’re gonna keep loving her!  Prince is gaining more confident in being baptized! He’s a pretty smart kid and asks questions about the book of Revelations haha. We watched The Restoration video with him and he kept focus on it the whole time, which is pretty good for him! It was also convenient that his phone died right before we pressed play, haha, so that was a low key blessing! One thing I hope I won’t get back into is being on my phone too long…it’s crazy how much time we can waste on those devices! Especially when we use them in front of people…so I’m repenting of all the times I did that before and hope to put up some boundaries when I come back and have a phone again!  Woo! But yeah, Prince is great. The Aguirre’s are doing well! We’re going to push their baptismal date back a bit so they can have time to come to church a few times and feel more confident in doing it…hopefully they’ll be able to come this week! Kevin is awesome!!! We’ve had some good discussions in the Book of Mormon and he came to the family history center at the church! That was awesome. Such a great guy! Tim…we were planning to see him a few times this last week and he said he’d come to church, but we weren’t able to get in with him and he didn’t come…sadness. But! We’ll see him again….he’s super awesome.
We picked up a new service opp! It’s a place called Restore and we helped clean out some fridges! It was actually pretty cool because they had all these neat cleaning supplies! Hah, so yeah. Good stuff. We got to go to the Presb Home and wheel out our peeps! Another one of my favorites is Alex. He has this awesome Russian accent. He isn’t in a wheel chair, but he uses a walker, so I get to ‘walk him out’ to the activities. He is so dang cute! I asked him, “Alex, what’s your favorite food?” He said,”I don’t know…” I said,”Too many to count?” and he laughed his cute Russian laugh and said, “Ha! Too many!” I asked what his favorite place in the world was, and he gave the same response….and I gave the same response, and he reacted with the same laugh and, “ha! Too many!” It was funny…it probably doesn’t sound as funny to you guys…haha. So that’s just a piece of Alexander!
We started to teach this woman names Judy! She is such a cute, sweet old lady. We contacted a referral and this guy answered the door and he said, “Are you form The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?” And we said, “Yes!”  He told us to come in, but his mom told him no because she was sick and not feeling well…so we’re going to try to see them later this week hopefully! We went to see a potential investigator named Greg (the wood carver). We were able to teach a short Restoration lesson and he seemed interested…he said he’s busy right now, but said he’ll get back to us if he can…he is super good at wood carving! Mainly does Indian style stuff…super awesome.  Hopefully he’ll get in tough with us soon, if not, later Sisters!
There’s a new member who just moved to New Hartford….she got our number and gave us a call, so we met her up at Panera to have lunch! She’s from Salt Lake City (Holladay!), UT and her name is Lauren. She’s in her mid twenties and she is sooo awesome! She served a mission in Louisiana and came here for a job opportunity in NYC, but she’d be working from here. We all clicked and we love her. We ate dinner with Elder and Sister Lee (one of the office couples) They are the best! Two of my most favorite people out here. They are so funny and lovable. I felt my testimony grow so much more stronger and felt more happiness being around them…isn’t it amazing when people are like that?! They are goals.
Church was awesome as always!! I was pondering a lot of something that Alieanna said a few weeks ago. We asked her, “What is one of the lessons you’ve learned overall while reading the Book of Mormon?” And she replied something along the lines of,”That living the Gospel and having a good life requires sacrifice.” Such a profound thing to say and so true…this Gospel and The Plan fo Salvation would not even  be in existence if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His Atonement.  That we need to have our own sacrifices and trials in order to truly feel and receive happiness in our lives. It’s actually a pretty comforting thing to know that we are on the right path if we have to make sacrifices…and ultimately those sacrifices won’t even seem to compare or be worthy to the blessings the Lord gives us. It reminds me of this scripture in Romans 8:18 “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” And that glory that is revealed in us is the pure fact that we can become like our Heavenly Father and that He wants to give us all that He has. Yes, we will suffer and wade through afflictions, but in the end, the Lord always seems to out weigh us with blessings where we ask, Was that all I had to sacrifice?”  It’s amazing. I love God and His merciful plan of sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to come and show that by sacrifice, we can be lifted up and made better each day.
I love this gospel so much! I know that this is truly the Lord’s work and that He loves each of his children. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Much love!!
Love, Sister Pange

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