Week 40th !!!

Hey!!! Well this week was just AWESOME because of General Conference!! It was so so amazing. I received a lot of answers to questions I had and felt such love not only from the speakers, but from our Heavenly Father. SO powerful. He loves each of us so much, no matter what!

Had a great week! I felt a wide range of emotions, it was awesome! I felt sadness, disappointment, happiness, fear, joy, and so much excitement! I feel so alive!!!  Haha, but yeah…good stuff. 🙂  Also, the weather is going crazy on us…we were living easy in spring and then BAM! Snow came in yesterday and still going today!  April showers come in snow form here in New York…Happy Spring!!

We had our first exchange/splitz with the Norwich Sisters!!! That was fun! Sister Heyward was with me for the day and she is great….we found a weird mural of a mermaid n’stuff (see picture).  We also tracted into this woman…she was closed off to hearing a message about Christ, but I felt prompted to ask her about family history, and lo and behold, she went off about her family! It was sweet!! We potentially might be related because my great (go back a lot of generations) grandfather was the captain of the Mayflower….and she said she that her family was on the Mayflower back in the day! So, more to follow.

Kevin is doing AMAZING. He wants to be baptized, but doesn’t want to commit yet…he came to both sessions of General Conference Saturday and the morning one Sunday! He enjoyed it…he said his favorite one was by Elder Bednar….so cool!! We’ll be meeting with him tonight to follow up on questions and insight he had tonight! Woo! We had an awesome lesson with Tim last Tuesday…we set up for him to come to the Mitchell’s home to have dinner and watch general conference Saturday, but then he bailed!! It was a bummer…..but he’ll get there. He’s awesome. Flavia had her family that are members of the church come down and watch conference with her! Great family. Alieanna is just so amazing. She got Sundays off for work, so she won’t miss church!! She said it was a miracle, because she didn’t even ask, but she’s been praying in faith for it, and she got it! The Lord always provides a way to keep is commandments. During General Conference, Sunday morning, she whispered in my ear during one of the talks, “Isn’t the promises Jesus makes to us so beautiful?” She is the sweetest thing!!! We saw little Kelli last night and talked about the Book of Mormon….she is so sweet. We talked about how reading the BOM can help us feel better if we had a bad day and she said,”I read and pray when I have a bad day…and I’d read and pray even if I didn’t have a bad day!” From the mouth of babes…she’s amazing.
Ugh, I feel like there’s more…oh yeah! I saw Sister Blomquist!!! Woop woop!!! She’s so awesome. We had a missionary leadership conference….oh man…it was amazing.  So much to learn and improve…so awesome!!!
I still feel like there’s more…there’s always more. All in all, AMAZING WEEK. I love being here!! I love how the Lord has not forsaken us in this day, but has called a prophet, apostles, and all the amazing leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to lead and guide us and that Jesus Christ is the head and chief cornerstone of this church.  I feel His love for all His children each and every single day no matter if they believe in Him or not…and I see His hand in this work. there’s no way we can do it without Him.
Hope you have a blessed week! To watch the Lord’s chosen servants that are inspried by God to know what we need in this day, go here! https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/04?cid=HP_SU_3-4-2016_dPFD_fGC_xLIDyL1-B_&lang=eng BEST THING EVER.
Love, Sister Pange

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