Week 41

Hello!!  Well, another great week of being a missionary. It is so dang awesome. Ah!

We had lunch with Sister Gaetano!! (She met my parents in Idaho!!) She is SO AWESOME. Not just because of the food, but because of the missionary work that she does!!! She said, “I go to work to share the Gospel.” Totally applying that to my life when in my future career! #watchoutco-workers 😉 She said that she’s never pushy about it, but that she just lives the example and likes to share videos from mormonchannel.org and when people ask questions, she’s ready to answer!  She actually invited one of her co-workers to have lunch with her and us, but she had plans..hopefully next time!  Anyways, she’s awesome!! We had dinner with this young woman who works at Hamilton College as and swim coach….it was the first time we met her and she took us out to Outback Steakhouse!  Her name is Astrid and man, that girl can eat! But, she is a swimmer so she burns it all and still looks great….Sister Collette and I on the other hand…ehhh….we may need to just give up the car and probably walk for a week straight to burn off the appetizer we ate…haha. But that was fun! Mark is doing good..Sister Malczyk came with us.  He committed to communicate with God which is a pretty big step! Woo!  The only way we can know the truth is through and by God, so talking/praying to Him is pretty important step to receive wisdom and answers.
We had an AWESOME exchange with the Cooperstown sisters!! We taught a lot between our two sets being in the area and had some miracles!!  Sister Hallstead was with me and she is so awesome!! She low-key looks like my friend Lilly…(; We saw Mareli after a month of being on vacation and she has a new attitude on Jesus Christ. On Easter, she watched a movie about his Crucifixion and everything and it really moved her. She said that she has a desire to become more spiritual and also, her little daughter wants to know more about Christ, and she wants to be able to answer her questions. So, we have been sending her scriptures and videos to help her!  Hopefully she’ll have more and more of a desire to act and come closer to Him. We started teaching a woman named Barbara! She is super sweet…we saw Flavia. She is really pondering about the things we’ve taught her…I can’t even describe the last two lessons we have had with her, but it’s awesome. Love her.  We tried this one person that Sister Thao and I tracted into back in December…we taught Larissa (she’s 11) a few weeks ago at the door the Restoration and she really enjoyed it. We tried her again and Sister Hallstead and I taught her and her sister, Legine, the Plan of Salvation. They both really enjoyed it and Legine said, “Wow….I really like this. This makes a lot of sense.” I think she’s in her 20s…they are both so awesome!! Larissa actually shared the Restoration pamphlet with her religion class and they enjoyed it….so we asked if we could come and teach them more if it’d be alright! So, more to follow up on that.  Sister Collette and Sister Trapane went to see Kevin…apparently the Halls asked him how he was found (Sister Baylon and I tracted his street) and he said, “I’m really glad I let them come back and teach me.” SWEETEST THING TO HEAR EVER. It has been such an amazing journey with given!!! He just has so much humility and a love of God. Sister Collette said that in his prayer, he thanked the Lord for having the sisters find him and teach him about the gospel and the Book of Mormon. Kevin is the man!! He came to Stake Conference yesterday…so awesome!! We had one of the men from the Quorum of the Seventy (Elder Allard) come to address us. It was great….so much power when he talked about being in the same room as the apostles and prophet.
Prince is doing great!!!! he had his baptismal interview yesterday and we’re planning his baptism to be April 23rd! He came to Young Men’s last Wednesday and he was so excited! He called us and said, “Guys, I’m officially a SCOUT!” Haha, so great! He is still immature and crazy, high energy, ADD, but he is amazing and just really loves God and has a desire to come closer to Him. Shea and him have been reading thew BOM together which is so great.
We had an amazing Zone Training Meeting. SO much to learn and improve continually! It’s awesome!  President Roger’s talked about becoming an “Urgent Missionary” by being on schedule and connection to heaven and asking the Lord what He wants us to do. Maybe next week, I’ll give you a sneak peek of what the schedule of my day is like in the mission 🙂  But, it’s so true that when we are obedient to the Lord and His commandments, that we are bound to receiving revelation and answers to our prayers because He loves us and wants to direct us.  I feel the most happiest when I  obey His commandments (and the mission rules)  completely because it keeps the Spirit with me and helps me to feel God’s love for me and the work.
Ha, we had a funny encounter with this man we talked to on the street…he came form China and he said, after trying to share the gospel with him, “Let me give you a few tips to help you in what you’re doing….women are more open to religion than men, as I have seen in my culture, so you have to think of doing what you’re doing like a business…you have to target the audience that will be more open to you, is this not true?” I told him,”Not necessarily….I think it’s been pretty equal….we just go where the Spirit directs us to and where the Lord wants us to go.” He gave a nervous laugh at that….haha.   A lot of times, I think people see us missionaries as business people trying to sell something…that we’re just trying to add more clients to our church. However, I don’t feel that way at all…I would hate being a missionary if that was the case! We’re here to invite others to come unto Christ because we love Him, because His church is back on the earth and it has the fullness of all the Gospel and all the covenants/ordinances we need to return back to the highest kingdom of glory with Heavenly Father.  This is one of many of the reasons why I am doing this…so that we can bring as many souls back to Heavenly Father as we can and to have happiness! I have seen people’s lives change through this Gospel, including my own…I cannot deny it to others. “Freely you have received and our Heavenly Father expects you to freely share with His sons and daughters these glorious truths.” This is truly His work and I see His hand in it everyday….it’s amazing and I feel so grateful that He is laboring alongside us to help bring His precious children back home.
I love you all so much!! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Pange
Sisters Trapane, Collette, Hallstead, and Pange (aka me)
Inline image 1
Almost all the sisters in our zone!!!
Inline image 4
Prince’s selfie
Inline image 2
Bunny ears…wahoo!!!
Inline image 3

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