week of 42!!!

Hey! Had some off-days for sure this week, but overall, it was pretty great! 🙂 The Lord blesses us on the daily and allows the opposition to come…His reasons and ways are greater than ours, that’s for sure! There’s just so many amazing things that happen, but so much turmoil when they don’t turn out as expected. It’s hard, but this life is meant for testing! Have to remember continually Elder Holland’s amazing talk, “Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence”. But in all reality, we are SO blessed here! it exceeds all the trials!!

Kevin is doing so so awesome. He is coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon….he’s up in Ether! I would not be surprised if he is done with the Book of Mormon by the time we see him tonight.  We committed him to pray about being baptized on April 30th….he has the desire to be baptized, he feels that he needs to ‘earn it’ or know more…but we know he’s ready. It takes faith for sure! But yeah, great man. We’re still planning Prince’s baptism this Saturday!! Woo! We saw Mareli and she’s loving the gospel library app and the little videos we’re sending her! We saw Mark and he’s asking such awesome questions, but he still hasn’t taken the first step of praying!! Which is kind of crucial step because we can never have a spiritual confirmation about the truth of things until we ask our Father in heaven about them….no worldly knowledge or notions can ever make us feel satisfied or complete until we go to the source of all knowledge and truth! Heavenly Father continually says it in the scriptures to “ask” and “seek” and “knock” which takes faith in action on our part and then He PROMISES us that we SHALL be given the answered, and find the truth, and all things will be opened to us. And I know that this is true and no earthly words or terms can truly satisfy the answers I received from God. It’s amazing!
We saw Barbara (who we started teaching last week) and brought Alieanna with us. Barb is the sweetest! She had these little platters of yummy treats and shared some of her spiritual experiences with God…really tender experiences…the Spirit was there for sure and we felt it as we taught the Plan of Salvation and she seemed very interested in it all…she’s going to be out of town this next week, so hopefully we will follow up with her when she’s back!  We had an exchange with the Fayetteville sisters last Friday which was fun!  Sister Saunders was with me and she is so awesome! We talked to quite a few people….we had a really good discussion with this man who was smoking a cigar (lol) while walking his dog and two kids. We talked a little bit about the restoration and eventually he asked, “Why is your church so big into family history?” So we talked about that for a bit…at the end we invited him to meet with us more and he declined, but he said,”I’m really glad I talked to you both…” It was awesome! He was SUPER hesitant at first, but we just started walking with him and he didn’t shoo us away….and in the end, he said thank you which was so nice! Seed planted! He said he definitely wanted to check out the FamilySearch.org and make an account. So that was one out of a few interactions we had.
We taught this one lady we tracted into a few weeks ago and her name is Louise…she is so legit!!!  She’s super interested in the church and has done pretty thorough research on it. Ah, so much more to say about this lady….more to follow! We started teaching Douglas again! Woo!  And we talked to these two young girls last night while tracting and taught them the whole Restoration on the sidewalk and they loved it!  One of them was 24 (Sister Collette’s age) and one was 20 (my age!) So that was a fun little match up right there! Even though Sister Collette and I will be changing our ago pretty soon….what what! :), anyway, we hope to teach them again soon! We saw Tim and talked about life and baptism…we committed him on August 11th, his birthday….where he can leave behind 59 years of regret, shame, and guilt…and be reborn on his 60th and be clean and new.. He’s been through so much in his life and is still going through a lot…he’s awesome. We’re going to keep working with him on it 🙂
So, there’s a brief of the week. We finally have our divine spring weather, it’s awesome!!! Except BUG BITES UGH. But, still awesome. Loving the mission. It’s SO GOOD. SO HARD. SO AWESOME. LOVE Y’ALL.
Love, Sister Pange
The sun hitting the tree against a gray sky…so sick!!
Inline image 1
Us and the Fayetteville Sistas! Me, Collette, Saunders, Wright, lamp, window… 🙂
Inline image 2

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