Happy Memorial Day!!! We had a goooood week! Kevin is ready and excited to be baptized this Saturday!! Woo!! So amazing to see his progress since the first time we knocked on his door. I feel so grateful to have been here in Utica to help him come closer to Christ and to witness him making this wonderful covenant with God. Sister Collette came with her parents this last Wednesday!!! It was so awesome!!! Her parents are wonderful..Sister Collette is rockin’ the post-mission life. So great.

The woman who stopped us at Heritage is so awesome!! Her name is Raquel and we had an awesome lesson with her…she is so full of life and loves Christ. We’re excited to get to know her more and teach her more! Louise is trying to overcome smoking and it’s been hard since a lot of her friends are still doing it and aren’t very supportive…but we’re helping her out! She’s going to have a picture of Christ and of her nephew to help her whenever she has the craving for a cigarette.  We’ll hopefully have Sister Bonk join us to help her out since she overcame smoking….and Sister Bonk is just plain awesome. Tim is doing!! He’s been slacking on reading the scriptures, and he has felt the difference….he has such a desire to have his faith increase and overcome all the habits that are pulling him away form God…he’s progressing so much though and we need to keep reminding him because he’s having a hard time seeing it! We had a sweet exchange with the Fayetteville sisters. They are so awesome!! Sister Folkman was with me in the late afternoon/evening  on Thursday and then Sister Saunders and I worked it in the morning/afternoon the next day. Sister Folkman is so good at finding and knocking doors!! WOW! And she’s only been out for a month!! I She just has such genuine love and the spirit just radiates…Sister Saunders and I went tracting in the morning and it had to be one of the most enjoyable door-knocking experiences I’ve had yet! We taught a couple of people and just got to know each other more! She’s so awesome. Love these sisters!!!
Have some sad news…I might not be able to go to the temple with Alieanna and Prince and everyone….they changed the date to the 18th of June and I will most likely be leaving the area on the 15th…total bummer. It put a little damper on our Saturday night…but we got over ourselves and worked….it was still hard though hah. I had an impression to try Greg the wood carver who I met a couple of times but was always too busy to consistently meet with. I decided to just try him  anyway….his house looked empty and we tried knocking the door a couple of times…on the way back to the car, a young couple and 2 kids were waking…we said hi and they said hi back…we started talking with them and ask if they’d like to hear our message and they said yes! They came over to the sidewalk and we taught the Restoration to them…Kenya, the mom, was so sweet and she said she has a desire for her kids to be in a church and to be baptized…we asked if we could teach them more and they said yes! Woo! We dropped by a Book of Mormon yesterday for them yesterday and are planning on seeing them tonight 🙂 I’m grateful the Lord was patient with us and helped us to have faith and courage to keep going, even though we felt a little down and that we have the opportunity to bring happiness in this family’s lives. We picked up 9 people to teach this week!! It was so cool!! I’m grateful that the Lord has been so merciful to allow me to serve Him and help strengthen my conversion and others to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and receive the fullness of blessings He has in store for us.
Ugh, there’s always so much more I can write about….so many things. I love being a missionary and everything that I am learning. Our Savior’s love is real and amazing…and the love Heavenly Father has for all His children is beyond anything we can possibly imagine.  Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!
Love, Sister Pange
P.S. Read this awesome talk!!!!!! https://speeches.byu.edu/talks/larry-r-lawrence_choose-happiness/ SO GOOD

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