AMAZING WEEK!!!! Kevin got baptized and confirmed!! It was wonderful…Sister Baylon and I found him on a cold December night, knocking doors on a street that we specifically prayed for and the Lord lead us too it…..he was one of the last houses we knocked on before getting to an appointment…our first meeting with him in January, he thought we were Jehovah Witnesses (haha)….seeing his heart soften as he diligently read the Book of Mormon…Sister Collette and I setting him on date….so many other things in between that I have had the miracle of being a part of…and being able to see him make a covenant with God in the waters of baptism and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost this past week…I truly feel humbled and blessed that the Lord has allowed me to be in this area for so long to be a aprt of his conversion…Brother Hall baptized him…he accidently did the wording wrong the first time, so Kevin had to be immersed in the water again! Brother Malczyk said, “Now you’re twice as clean!” And Kevin said,”I guess I needed it!” Haha, he had a greta sense of humor about it….and Brother Malczyk confirmed him a member yesterday during church and he received the Holy Ghost and a wonderful blessing. I asked how he felt afterwards, and he said, “I feel great….I feel full.” It made me so happy!! AH!

Omigoodness, TIM is doing AWESOME. He has been having a hard time trying to give him drinking and smoking….he came to church yesterday with his grandkids….all the testimonies in sacrament meeting were meant for him!  We saw him last night and he told us that after church, he came home, put a movie on for the kids, and read the Book of Mormon and a Gospel Principles manual….he had an amazing expereince where he truly felt God’s love, but also His sorrow for all the times Tim had turned his back on Him…I can’t even describe his experience…but he truly felt godly sorrow….he has a new fire under his belt to try and not disappoint God and to work extra hard to let go of the things that are pulling him away from Him. It was so amazing. He is actually going to come and teach us at our missionary, district meeting tomorrow about knocking on doors (because he has some good advice on it!) so that will be fun 🙂 He texted us just this morning and said…”OMIGOSH….I HAVE BEEN READING THE BOOK OF MORMON SINCE I WOKE UP….WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME..” Haha, so cool!! It’s seriously amazing…he’s been meeting with missionaries for a year now…I’ve been working with him for about 7 months…and this last month, he’s truly making an effort to make changes and he is on fire. He has lived such a crazy life full of sadness, sin…and he is turning his life around…it has truly strengthened my testimony in the plan of redemption and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s eternal love for us….so amazing.
Ah, so many other things have gone on…we had our leadership meeting!! I got to see my Sista Blomquist ❤ ANd my first comp Sista Johnson!!! Raquel is doing awesome, she couldn’t make it to church…but she is planning to come next Sunday! Louise is doing good….we had a fun experience of teaching a whole bunch of kids in the neighborhood! We went to go teach this less active family outside and we ended up circling up about 10 kids on the sidewalk, sat down with them, and taught them the ten commandments with hand signs! It was super fun 🙂  We saw Will….he is going through the hardest time…his wife sent in divorce papers, he’s going to have hip surgery this week….and so many other layers and details…he is relating to that story in the Bible about Job…he has such an abiding faith and trust in God through it all, it’s crazy amazing. The elders gave him a wonderful blessing.  He is so awesome….I’m going to miss all these people!!
So yeah, I am leaving this blessed place next Wednesday….stay in tune for next Monday for where I am going!! It’s spicy! 😉
Love you all!!!! Keep the faith!
Love, Sister Pange

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