Hey hey hey!!!!! Ok, so I’ll start with the big news: I will be re-opening and training a brand new missionary in Manchester, Vermont (yup, it’s part of the New York Utica Mission!) !!  The area has been closed for almost two months…Super exciting!!!! I definitely have been through a  lot of emotions about it the past week since I found out last Monday, but I feel so excited about it now! It’s going to be crazy though…but with the Lord, nothing is impossible. 🙂 It is going to be a growing experience for sure. Wahoo!! I am going to miss this blessed place though….Utica and the people will have a huge piece of my heart forever. It has been so wonderful and I have been here for so long (a wooping 7 1/2 months!) and I have been maybe getting a little too comfortable…so the Lord is booting me out of the state and sending me way out! He knows what’s best and I am ready for it.

We had a great week!! Kevin is doing wonderfully! He had committed to some event, so he won’t be able to go to the temple this week, but he’s looking forward to going sometime in the near future 🙂 Tim came to our District Meeting and it was sweet! He gave some great tips and I loved his overall theme of just being ourselves and loving the people we come in contact with. He is doing good…he’s had some trials and issues arising and some opposition working on him, but he will persevere…we moved up his baptism to July 16th!! I’m excited for him….it’s been amazing to see the change of heart he’s had…and will continue to have! He drew me an awesome picture of a jaguar in a dream catcher and a sweet note…He’s so cool!
Oh man….we had THE craziest downpour of hail and rain last Tuesday! It seriously looked like a natural disaster was happening and it came out of no where! It lasted for a good 15 minutes or so….it was pretty hardcore. Glad we weren’t car-less at that moment…blessed. We had an exchange with the Hamilton sisters and it was awesome! One of the Sisters is related to me a few generations back! She’s a Loveland that lives in Nampa, ID. She actually served in Manchester and told me the coolest story!! She felt impressed to go to this graveyard near Manchster and she found a grave stone that said “Loveland” and she never knew that she had relatives back in the day that lived there! The stone gave the name of the parents, and some of the kid’s name was “baby”…she sent in the info to her parents and they soon found out that this was for sure a family member and that “baby” was never sealed to the parents in the temple! So they got the work done for him….so cool!!!  There’s a lot more details, but there’s a piece of the story….it was so amazing to hear that. So, I’ll have to go and find that graveyard and gravestone when I go to Vermont because I am somehow related to that family! Small world.
WE WENT TO THE PALMYRA TEMPLE ON SATURDAY!!! It was so wonderful…ahh!  It was a full session….there was this one older lady there and her back was hunched over so much and she had a little walker…she just radiated the spirit and she made the experience even more heavenly.  I went up to her and when she lifted her face, she had the brightest, sweetest countenance and she took my hand and said the most sweetest things that I can’t even remember, but I felt her light and love for heavenly father so much!  I wish I got her name.  I prayed for extra strength and peace for all the new changes coming up and ever since then, i have felt so excited and ready to do whatever the Lord asks of me. The temple is WONDERFUL. We went to the Sacred Grove after and OMIGOODNESS. It was AMAZING. The Spirit was so present there and it was a beautiful day….just enveloped by all these green trees, but it wasn’t claustrophobic or anything…I felt so much light there and free-ness…it was such a perfect day to go! So amazing. I have full faith that Joseph Smith truly saw our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ there…I knew it before and I feel it magnified even more ❤ 
The contrast later that day was crazy though….we witnessed a phone robbery from outside of McDonald’s and we called 911 for the lady and later gave police statements…if you want more of the story on that, just e-mail me or ask me after the mission…it’s pretty funny…haha blessed Utica.  But, in all seriousness, I love it here so much and I feel so blessed that the Lord let me stay for so long!! I love all the amazing members in the ward here and all the people I taught and met….it;s been so amazing.
I know that our Heavenly Father truly is aware of us….that He loves us. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be an example of how to live, and with His atoning sacrifice, we can be made clean and become more like Him as we follow His gospel and the things He has asked us to do.  I have witnessed people’s lives change and become new, more purified sons and daughters of God. I have seen that change in me and I continue to see that change each day as I serve Him. I love this work and I feel so blessed labor among his children, bringing the restored truth and light that He has revealed to us through a modern day prophet.  I know that my Savior and Redeemer lives and that He is leading us today, as He did in times of old. I know He is merciful and loving to all of us and that He wants us to come unto Him…
I love you all so much!!! Have a wonderful week ❤
Love, Sister Pange
Hamilton Sistas!! (Fausett, Loveland, H, and P)
Inline image 1
Tim’s grandkids!!! SO CUTE
Inline image 2
Palmyra Temple!! (Sister Valdez took us <3)
Inline image 3
Sacred grove! ❤
Inline image 4

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