Woah…it’s my year mark this upcoming week on June 24th, holy mole. CRAZY. I can’t even believe how fast it’s going!  Since being here, I realized how little time I have now…I got a little scared and flipped out inside a bit…it truly goes by so FAST UGH. Well, I said bye to all my peeps in New Hartford/Utica….I am going to miss them so much. LOVE THEM FORVER.

But yeah, I’m in Manchester, VT! Wahoo!! First off, it is GORGEOUS here. It is so cute and classy and BEAUTIFUL. We have MOUNTAINS. Not like the mountains in the west, but they are definitely the closest thing I’ve seen out here! So, it feels like home….they call Vermont “the green mountain state”….full of green trees! It’s gorgeous. But yeah, definitely more of a vacation spot where they have super classy stores like Ugg, Ralph Lauren….it’s like a shopping mall haha, except no affordable stores!  Yay! It’s a good thing, my luggage can’t afford more things to carry around…there’s a bunch of fun looking stores too that we’ll explore.  We have a unique assignment where they don’t want us tracting in the evening, but to visit less actives and members…which is a little tough…re-opening an area in general is tough. It’s so weird to not have a comp that was here before….but there’s some perks to it! We can basically play dumb all the time and people won’t get mad at us because we just came in a few days ago haha 😉 The branch is AWESOME. We cover the more northern part and we have elders that are in the bennington area…that’s the town that the branch is in….President Finnegan is so legit!!! We went over to their house our first night and they fed us and discussed about the branch and everything. It was sweet. He served his mission in Scotland..apparently his grandfather lived there and he got to see him while on his mission! So cool. He works at the fly-fishing school (Orvis) and said we can take some fly-fishing lessons on a P-day sometime in the future! So fun!  It is seriously so beautiful here in Manchester. So much history, but a lot of modern too….It is by far the most beautiful area I’ve served in! We have already served at the food cupboard and library and these people love us!!! Super friendly people here….just a little hard in the heart when it comes to hearing a message about the gospel…but I have the faith we will find those who are truly searching! Plus, we love serving those people who don’t accept our message at the time…anyway we can serve others is our goal 🙂
We had a few little miracles happen…first day, our toilet overflowed (woopee) and there was no plunger in the house! So, we decided to go exploring a bit to get to know the area more and check out a few stores that would potentially have a plunger…we only found one and it was close to $30. Crazy. So, we kept walking around and a lady was coming towards us, so I said hello and we introduced ourselves…it was so random, but I just said, “yeah, we’re trying to look for a plunger because our toilet is clogged!” It got super personal our first convo with her if you’re telling people your toilet is clogged…but guess what! She said, “I’ve got an extra you can have! Come follow me!” MIRACLE. Not only did we save money, but we gained a new friend willing to give two strangers an extra plunger! Pretty sweet. The other little miracle happened a couple of days ago…we were trying someone and he wasn’t home…there was a lady that we briefly said hi to before a few doors down and we started talking to her…we’re planning on bringing a family proclamation to her soon! And she referred us over to her next door neighbor’s and so we went over and she answered and said she was busy then, but would love to meet with us sometime next week! It was sweet! And then she referred us to her neighbor across the street…we haven’t gotten over there yet due to an appointment we had to get top…but it was pretty awesome. 
I must say though, it has been very hard for me here…it’s hard re-opening an area and training at the same time, but I just got to be patient with myself and the work.  I’ve come to realize how other parts of my mission, especially the beginning, has prepared me for this and I have come a long way for sure….if I was thrown into this situation at the beginning or even a few months ago, I wouldn’t have been prepared enough….so I am grateful for that.  Just got to trust in the Lord. SUPER COOL NEWS!! Sister Blomquist and Sister Johnson are my sister training leaders!!! So I’ll get to see them at zone meetings and we get to go to Saratoga for exchanges in July! So that’ll be fun 🙂
Here’s the my motto scripture right now:
And it came to pass that the Lord did visit them with his Spirit, and said unto them: Be comforted. And they were comforted. And the Lord said unto them also: Go forth and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls. Alma 17:10-11
Much love to y’all!!!!!
Love, Sister Pange
My last selfie with Sister Henstrom (as comps that is)!! Love her ❤
My new trainee, Sister Tuckett! She’s from Oregon, about an hour south of Portland 🙂

So Sister Tuckett’s camera is pretty cool…I was impressed. But yeah, the moon is cool here! 😉
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