Why hello!!!!

The Lord is seriously blessing us here!!! It is amazing and I feel so humbled.
This last week we picked up 7 new people to teach! A few of them met with sisters before and a couple that are new to learning 🙂  So, we went back to the one lady that said we could come back….her name is Judy and she is super sweet! When we went over, she wasn’t having a very good night, but she said she felt a lot better after talking with us…she was preparing for a bazaar that whole week, so we only stopped in just for a little ‘hello’ and we’re going to be able to meet with her more consistently now 🙂  This one lady, Maggie, texted us and said that she wanted to meet with us! She used to meet with elders awhile back I think…she is super sweet. She has a desire to quit smoking and to have a better understanding of the Book of Mormon, so it’s pretty awesome!  While we were trying to find this one inactive member, Jessica,  and we had the address and it said apt. #2 and when we knocked…a guy answered and said she didn’t live there..but! The guy we met at the door, Paul, said we could come back when we invited him to meet with us! We then realized a few days later that on another record, Jessica’s apartment # was actually 3, so now we not only see her, but we found Paul! He is super awesome…we had our first lesson with him in Jessica’s apartment and he was agreeable to everything and Jessica offered him a ride to church because he didn’t have a car! So awesome!! She hasn’t come to church for over 6 months..unfortunately, they ended up not being able to come because a few of her kids got sick, but next time!! Jessica is so awesome…she has kids ranging from 2-17 years old and she is so chill! She said that she helped answer some of Paul’s questions while we were gone about the Book of Mormon, so we’re happy that she is involved with it all 🙂
We met this family, the Cooper’s, and they are so cool!! We’ve only met the mom, dad, and daughter and I think they have two other sons….They straight up told us though that they’re a little hesitant with meeting with us because they’ve afraid they’ll get attached to us and then we’ll just be gone…it’s definitely a struggle on both sides of the party….but we’re hoping to build up more of a relationship between them and the branch members and of course, with Heavenly Father. They are such a wonderful family.  We met this one lady name Fern and she is a doll!! She had her large print Book of Mormon all ready to go on the table and a couple of great questions for us! She is so sweet.
A few of the members had us over for dinner and it was great!! The people in this branch are so awesome!!!! We love them.  We got low-key abused by some of the children who had Star War lasers made out of those foam, swimming noodles before dinner, but besides that, we love them. 😉  Oh yeah! Apparently there’s these people called “the rainbows” or “rainbow people” and they travel all over the country and camp out…they’re a bunch of people basically living the hippie dream….it’s the largest “unorganized organization” haha…so it’s been fun to see them around! We had a zone conference and that was great!!! I love President Rogers..he’s the man. And I got to se a bunch of awesome missionaries including my Sister Blomquist and Sister Johnson!!! ❤
We had an AWESOME Saturday!!! We volunteered to help build a house for habitat for humanity..picture this: two lady missionaries in their 20s with a group of 5 guys in their 60s/70s. So great.  It is super satisfying work and we are excited to see the results of a house being built! (my dad would be proud).  We ditched the car and went OYMing in the evening and it was great!!! One of the first people we talked to was crossing the street and I just straight up went over to her and we introduced ourselves…she was super nice and at first said, “Is it bad that I don’t want to talk to you guys?!” And she laughed after, so we kept talking to her 🙂 She is in the process of moving, so we might help her, plus she said we could sit down and talk with her sometime about our church and the baptist church so we can have more knowledge about each others beliefs 🙂 So that’s cool!  We then talked to this one couple and they actually had visited Temple Square awhile back and the wife apparently received a Book of Mormon and committed to read it, but she hadn’t yet. She said, “And I really meant it when I said it!” So we invited her to read it! They live In New York, so we won’t probably ever see them again, but it was a cool connection. We then talked to this guy named Roger and I think he’s from Jamaica…he was super cool and we shared the message of the restoration and a BOM.
So funny, miracle story, we water the libraries flower pots every day and we realized we missed one later in the day….we couldn’t water them the next day and going home was out of the way and since the library was closed in the evening and the hose was locked up, we decided to go to Price Chopper and get the cheapest water to go water this one pot of plants. While we were there, we ran into one of the workers we saw a few days before…they first time we met him he said, “Wait, you guys are Mormon! You guys are the BEST!!” right in the middle of ringing up our stuff, it was funny…once again, he was outside on a break and had the same reaction and was basically bragging to one of his co-workers how we were the best, it was great. So we went into Price Chopper and found the water aisle and a few minutes later, he found us and asked me,”Are you ok?” I said, “Uhhh….yeah?” He siad,”You seem like super energized…like your really caffeinated or something!” HAHA. Sister Tuckett gave the reply that I just look so happy because we have the gospel in our lives…he asked us a few random questions about the church and at one point said, “I don’t believe in God….but I’m a very spiritual person and have a desire to really know if he’s there.” And I said, “Well then, let’s get together and talk about it!” So, we’re planning to meet up with him Tuesday! It was so cool!! The Lord works in mysterious ways and needed us to forget about a plant at the library so we’d go to Price Chopper and have Brendan talk with us!
I am grateful for this gospel!!! The mission is still hard and it’s still amazing. Love it. I hope you have an amazing week!!!
Love, Sister Pange
Generation pic! (My trainee (Sister Tuckett), me, and my trainer (Sister Johnson))
 She’s a babe ❤


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