HAPPY FORTH OF JULY!!! God bless America!!
“Behold, this is choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ,who hath been manifested by the things which we have written.” 
Ether 2:12
Hey fam and friends! This week…it always has it’s challenges but man “after much tribulation…cometh the blessings”. (D&C 103:12)
First off, Manchester is great…I just love it here. Second, the people we have met are wonderful, in and out of the church…so much love. And third, the Lord loves the people here SO MUCH and He’s preparing the hearts of the people here (and everywhere) to come closer to Him ❤
So, I’m basically just going to talk about what happened the last two days…Brendan (the Price Chopper guy that loves Mormons and wanted to meet whit us) fell through on Tuesday and he said maybe a future time, when it was more convenient, he’d meet with us. We were bummed, but patience! We decided to text him Saturday, just to let him know that if he ever wanted to ask us any questions, he could contact us anytime! He texted us back and said he  had one question and proceeded to say that he wanted to come to church! So we set up a ride for him, and he came Sunday (yesterday)! He LOVED it. It was the first time he’d ever attended a church…apparently the Vaughn’s (the family that gave him a ride to the church) talked about some of our beliefs, and he’s already committed to live the word of wisdom by next Sunday! He participated in the classes and even offered to say the closing prayer…he said” I have never said one before, but if I could, I would!” So we told him next week he can haha 🙂 Ethan, a 10-year old that the Elders have been teaching, got baptized yesterday…he’s the only one in his family that has met with the missionaries…he’s a pretty shy kid, but he bore his testimony during sacrament  meeting(about 8 of his family members were there) and about 15 family members and friends came to his baptism after church!  A few of them are interested in learning more about the church….it’s amazing how one conversion, a child at that, can bring many souls closer to Heavenly Father. Afterwards, he shook every single hand in that room, it was so sweet. So Brendan got to see a baptism as well! He told us he’s definitely coming next week and we’re planning on meeting with him during the week. He told us at one point,”One of the main reasons why I wanted to come to church was because I could see the genuine happiness and light you both had.” It was so sweet and he just is so awesome!! The Lord is truly preparing and softening the hearts here ❤
I have limited time, a lot more happened…had some great experiences talking to people! Ugh, TIME!!  but yeah, I love you all so much!!!!
Love, Sister Pange
Delicious smoothies last P-day…hm.
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