Is it already Monday again?! I can’t even believe how fast time is flying…

Well, we had a blessed week! I just love it here.
First off, we met up earlier in the week with a young man named Andrew and he is so awesome! We OYM’d him about 2 weeks ago….he was sitting on his motorbike and texting and we of course started talking to him and we finally met up with him last Monday!  He is very spiritual and he talked about his desire to truly know more about God and his purpose in life….we are excited to keep meeting with him, he’s so cool!
We had an appointment that got out around 8:40pm, so we had some time to spare before going in for the night, so we parked our car at the apartment and went on a little walk to talk to people….we had no luck…I felt impressed to go to Price Chopper and see if Brendan was working there and see how he was doing. So we walked over to Price Chopper, no luck. So, we didn’t want to look awkward going in there for no reason, so we decided to buy some peppers! We talked to this one lady in front of us and had some friendly conversation. She was having a bad day and a little agitated with something…she seemed a little stand-offish to us and started to talk to this man in front of her. When they rang up her groceries, we said bye to her and a thanks for talking with us. On our way out, she was parked directly in front of the store, putting her groceries away and I felt impressed to just go up and talk to her again. So, we went over and I said,”Hey, we never formally introduced ourselves…what’s you name? Is there anything we can help you with?” She replied,”My name is Brenda and yes, I would like to meet with you both.” Inside I was like WHAT?! So we said,”Of course!” And we exchanged numbers…we finally met with her last night at a park…and she is so AWESOME!!! She has been through so much in her life and she told us how after she left Price Chopper, she just felt like she needed to talk with us. She is so sweet and so loving…she was telling us how she was having such a terrible day yesterday to the point of wanting to take her life…and that she just wants to fill more love and joy in her life…we are going to meet with her tomorrow on her deceased dad’s birthday who she was close with….she said it’s a hard day for her, but that she would like to meet with us on it, so we feel honored. (And tomorrow is my mom’s birthday!!! WOOO!! Shout out to the best mother ever!!! I’m a little biased, but I’m sure most of you feel the same way 😉 Anyway, I feel so grateful for the Lord blessing, softening, and preparing the hearts of the people here….I feel so much love for these people!
We went to Utica for Return and Report with all the trainers and trainees! It was great…I miss the mission home! It was definitely a spiritual re-boost to go there!  On Saturday night, we went over to see Jessica, who hasn’t been active in the church for a couple years…she talked about how one of her goals is to get to the temple and we were like,” YES!” She has some younger kids too who she really wants to get involved in the church as well..she is so awesome. They only non-awesome part of talking wiht her is the fact that we were outside and got eaten alive by mosquitos. Hydrocortisone is lathering u all the day long on these bug bites…ugh. But fireflies are back!!! I love those little things! So cool!
When we go door to door, we’ve been talking about the Hartford, CT Temple and giving people flyers with all the information about the open house so the general public can go in and see it before it is dedicated! So that’s been fun….especially since this whole area was tracted out from the previous missionaries, so we’re trying to spice it up 🙂
Once again, can’t believe how fast it’s all going….the weeks are a minute. This week is going to go by fast too!  We are going to go down to Saratoga for Zone training Meeting and then have an exchange with my sister training leaders Sistas Blomquist and Johnson! WOO! It’s going to be a party.  And then we’re getting transfer calls this Sunday!!! WHAT?! Fastest transfer of my life. Sister Tuckett and I will most likely be sticking together, living the Manchester dream ❤
Much love to you all!!! Here’s a sweet quote:
“If a man lacks wisdom, it is his duty to go to God and ask for that wisdom.”
Love, Sister Pange
Our District! ❤
 We have so many sisters in our district, it’s the best ❤
Getting eaten by a husky…
Sister Tuckett representing outwardly how we feel inwardly as missionaries ❤
If you turn your head to the left, you’ll see a great stream that looks like root beer.
We  went on a little neature walk nearby….tried taking a picture together…if you press your nose to your phone/computer screen, you just might be able to see us….
So we took a selfie instead! Works every time.

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